This was once a border

Germany was, as most readers will know, at one time split in two halves by the Iron Curtain.

At some points along the “Inner-German Border” there are still some watchtowers, preserved to show the World what the border looked like. But in many parts the border has just disappeared and is part of the landscape.

To make sure that people do not forget just where that border was, many of the roads that cross that point in Germany have had signs erected, commemorating the fact that Germany was divided at those points.

A commemorative sign near Salzwedel at the location of the Inner-German border

This one can be seen between Brome (West) and Mellin (East). It is also about 25km from Salzwedel, the town in Germany that apparently is the furthest from any motorway exit and happens to be on one of the routes that I use each year to travel to the island of Rügen.

Another can be seen on the A20 motorway which follows the coast of the Baltic sea running eastwards from Hamburg.

The border itself was around 1,400km (860 miles) long.

The Deutschmark lives on!

We may have stopped paying with the Deutsche Mark 8 years ago, but every now and then I see a shop that still accepts the old currency.

My latest sighting was in the pedestrian precinct in Oberursel:

Bei uns können Sie auch mit DM bezahlen

And apparently this shop is not the only one in the town!

Which side of the sign can I park?

This road sign means that you cannot park or wait on the side of the road where the sign is, on the sides of the sign pointed to by the arrow:

Halteverbot mit 2 Pfeilen

It is usually placed at the side of the road so that the sign is parallel to the road with the arrow pointing left in the direction of the traffic.  With both arrows you cannot park on either side of it.

Somewhere there is usually another one with a single arrow to mark the end of the restriction, and you often see this sign in turning circles on housing estates.

If the measure is only temporary, then it has a sign below with the effective dates:

Date restriction

So I was quite confused the other day when I wanted to park in this road: [Read more…]

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