What’s new in Germany in 2013?

2013 Dice - ©iStockphoto.com/alexsl The New Year in Germany usually brings with it some new regulation or law, or simply a rise in prices.  2013 sees a whole range of things changing, but many of them will only affect a small percentage of the population.

The following 4, however, are likely to affect most people.

1. The price of stamps

The cost of sending a normal letter (up to 20g and 23.5 x 12.5 x 0.5cm) within Germany went up from 55 cents to 58 cents.  The cost of sending the same letter abroad stayed at 75 cents, and the prices for postcards stayed the same as well.  Larger items up to 1kg and 35.3 x 25 x 5cm now cost €2.40 to send within Germany instead of €2.20. [Read more…]

Shiatsu in Oberursel and Steinbach

Yin and Yang - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / LinneaI had heard of Shiatsu before I met local Shiatsu Practitioner Gabriele Engelke, but it was not until she invited me to try it out for the first time that I found out more.

The session started with an explanation of what Shiatsu is – not the simple facts that can be found on Wikipedia, but more in-depth information about the elements of the body and how they are inter-related.  Each part of the body is in some way connected to these elements so that problems in one area may be connected by way of the element to another.  That other part of the body can then be massaged to relieve the original problem.

After this, we talked about any complaints or ailments that I may have and then it was time for me to take off my watch and shoes and turn off my mobile phone.  I had already changed into loose-fitting clothes beforehand. [Read more…]

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