The “Orschel-Hase”, or “Hasi” as he is sometimes known, was carved out of a single piece of oak along with his pedestal in 2022 to replace a similar sculpture that stood on the same spot between 1997 and 2022. The original went missing during the Covid lockdown in 2020.

It is located along the “Kaiserin-Friedrich-Weg”, near the “Emminghaushütte” to the west of Oberursel.

Orschel-Hase in Oberursel

Back to the tree top walk

10 years ago I visited the tree top walk on Rügen as part of a press tour just after it had opened.

Last week, I returned and went up it again:

Baumwipfelpfad im Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen
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Hünerbergwiesen, Oberursel

The Hünerbergwiesen are located outside of Oberursel, heading towards Kronberg and Falkenstein. It is one of those places so near, and yet I had never been there until last week.

The area is a protected nature reserve and it is forbidden to enter the fields themselves, but there are fenced paths crossing them with the area covering just over 21 hectares of land. The fields are mown once a year but otherwise it is one of the last fields in the area that where fertiliser has not been used.

The Hünerbergwiesen were created in the 16th century when local farmers cut down the trees illegally, resulting in an argument over who owned the land that went on until the 18th century. They are separated at one point by a strip of woods and a stream called the “Waldwiesenbach”.

To reach the area from Oberursel, walk past the Hohe Mark Klinik along the Friedländerstraße and once in the woods take the first path to the left. Alternatively, there is a car park at the dip in the B455 road between Oberursel and Kronberg, from which a path leads northwards directly to the southern most tip of the fields.

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