Back to the tree top walk

10 years ago I visited the tree top walk on Rügen as part of a press tour just after it had opened.

Last week, I returned and went up it again:

Baumwipfelpfad im Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen
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The NVA Museum in Prora

Located in House 3 of the Prora complex is the “NVA Museum”. NVA was the Nationale Volksarmee in the GDR and although that is the main topic of the museum, it is not the only one.

The museum has its own car park, so if you are only planning on going there and no-where else then drive past all of the pay & display car parks until you reach it.

The NVA Museum in Prora

The NVA Museum in Prora

The entrance is just opposite the car park and at this point if you intend of taking photographs you will need to buy a license to do so for €1. [Read more…]

Dokumentationszentrum in Prora

Located between the cultural area (now the M3 disco) and the entrance hall in Prora is the “Dokumentationszetrum”.  This documentation centre contains a number of exhibits connected to the building complex in Prora  and is well worth a visit.

It starts with a film which lasts 33 minutes about the history and construction of the complex. Outside the small theatre is a model of what the completed building would have looked like.

Outside the theatre, now a disco, at the start of the tour

Outside the theatre, now a disco, at the start of the tour

If you are there at the right time (and have paid the €2 supplemental charge) you can join at tour at this point. The tours start at 11.45am and 2.30pm.  The tour starts by explaining the model and then goes outside the building. It takes you through areas of the grounds that you may otherwise not discover on your own and uses photos taken during and after construction to show you what it once looked like. [Read more…]

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