How to find tickets for sold-out events

Once arrived in Germany, you will probably start to think about what to do in your spare time. A look in the AllThingsGerman Calendar is a good place to start – but also in the local newspapers.

Major cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Cologne often host concerts from major singers whereas smaller towns are more likely to host comedians or lesser-known groups in their halls.

Of course, there are also sports that take place each week – for example, there are major and minor football teams throughout the country, with Eintracht Frankfurt being my personal choice – but teams such as Bayern München or Borussia Dortmund having an enormous following.

The trouble is, when you first arrive a lot of these events are sold out for the next few months. Indeed, writing in September 2007 and taking a look in the local paper, tickets are currently being sold for events in December or even into 2008.

So what do you do if you hear about an upcoming concert? Where do you get concert tickets for an event that is apparently sold out?

Well, first spare a thought for those people who have bought tickets early, and are now for whatever reason no longer to go the event that they have been looking forward to for so long. The fact is, that they may well have the very theatre tickets that you are looking to buy.

This is where a site called Viagogo comes in. Viagogo matches up event tickets between the people who have them and the people who want them.

The system offers a place to buy tickets for concerts, the theatre and sporting events from other people who are unable to use them.

A look at their website shows the diversity available. There are rock concerts, festivals, country, jazz; tickets for musicals, operas and play; the football tickets cover not just the 1st Bundesliga but – unusually – also the 2nd as well.

Why not look up an event near you and see which tickets are available – go and make some new friends in your new town!

A word about the charges to expect: when you buy a ticket on the site you will be charged a service fee and the cost of the postage. The service fee is to cover costs.

As for security – the sellers have to validate themselves. Viagogo guarantees that you will get the tickets that you have purchased on time and without problems, otherwise they will either replace the tickets or give you your money back.

This is a sponsored review.

What’s on this weekend

There is a lot going on in the Frankfurt area this weekend. Here are some ideas of things to do or places to go:

Friday, 29th June (Oberursel)

Friday sees the return of “Rock at the church” – an open-air rock concert taking place at the Heilig Geist Church in Oberursel. The bands playing are Damage.Inc. and Sixxstring with their lead singer Inka Brackelmann. Entry is free and the concert starts at 7pm!

To get to the church, take the U3 from Frankfurt to Glöcknerwiese and head along Im Heidegraben. The church is at the corner of Im Heidegraben and Dornbachstraße. By road, take the A5 to Bad Homburger Kreuz and then the A661 to Oberursel-Nord. Then follow the signs to “Parken und Beten” – Park & Pray.

For younger children there is “read and make” afternoon at 4pm – this takes place at the new “Kirchenladen”. There is a 1,60EUR charge to cover costs.

To get to the Kirchenladen, take the U3 from Frankfurt to Rosengärtchen, leaving the station enter the road “Im Rosengärtchen”. By road, take the A5 to Bad Homburger Kreuz and then the A661/B455 to Oberursel-Hohemark. Follow the signs back to Oberursel and turn left at the U-Bahn station “Rosengärtchen”.

Saturday, 30th June (Frankfurt)

Saturday sees the return of the Rewe Family day in Frankfurt at the Messe. The fun starts at 10am and continues until 8pm.

Expect the usual fun of the fair such as bouncy castles, a box slide, face painting and so on, but also attractions such as a live cooking studio, a childrens’ karaoke, and a hugh LEGO project which plans to build a goods train locomotive out of 80,000 LEGO bricks!

Acts appearing include Monrose, Nevio, DJ Ötzi, Colin, Chat a Nuga, 4matiC, Part Six and the Rewe Family Band.

Entry is free and the Messe is on several S-Bahn lines (S3, S4, S5) as well as the U4. By car, follow the signs to “Franfurt-Messe”.

Saturday, 30th June (Eschborn)

10am sees the start of the “Hessischer Familientag” in Eschborn. There are brass bands, a big band, discussions on family issues with leading figures from politics, the Church and industry a quiz, belly dancing, hip-hip and jam sessions and lots more taking place in the town centre.

To get there, take the S3 or S4 to Eschborn. By road take the A5 or A66 to Nord-West-Kreuz and follow the signs to the car parks.

Saturday, 30th June (Bad Homburg)

Finally, Bad Homburger Sommer kicks off on Saturday with the following events:

– Football for the carnival clubs Sportplatz Sandmühle from 10am
– Coffee and cakes at the castle with the Lions club Schlosshof / Landgrafenschloss 11am- 6pm
– Childrens activities in the Louisen-Arkade 12pm
– Barbeque in the park with westcoast and southernm music 4pm, Philosophenweg
– Theatre in the castle – a “best off” from Bernd Lafrenz and his not so serious Shakespere repertoire Schlosshof / Landgrafenschloss 7pm
– Theatre night in the castle – The Three Muskateers 10pm

To get to Bad Homburg, take the S5 from Frankfurt to Bad Homburg or the U2 to Gonzenheim and then one of the many busses to the town centre. By car, take the A5 to Bad Homburger Kreuz and then follow the signs on the A661 to Bad Homburg.

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