Plätzchen backen

Advent started today with the traditional “Plätzchen backen” – baking Christmas biscuits garnished with coloured or chocolate sprinkles, or with grounded almonds.

The dough is a mixture of flour, baking powder, sugar, butter and an egg, and is left to cool in the fridge before being rolled out and cut into the shapes. These are then coated with egg before the topping is added and baked for around 10 minutes.

Störtebeker 2019: Oath of the Righteous

The middle of June and a trip to Rügen can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new production of the Störtebeker Festspiele.

Having returned to the beginning of the story last year, we fast forward to the year 1393 and the siege of Stockholm.  Margarete, Queen of Denmark and Norway, has occupied most of Sweden and is hoping to add a third crown to her collection.  However Stockholm refusing to surrender, with the pirates provided a supply route back to Mecklenburg.  Similar to the division of Berlin many hundred years later, the siege has torn families appart, in some case with members of the same family forced to fight each other.

The bastillion of Stockholm
The bastillion of Stockholm
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Karl’s Strawberry Jam

Karls Erlebnisdorf is a small theme park of children in Zirkow on Rügen. Everything is themed around strawberries, and the gift shop sells a number of unusual strawberry-based items such as strawberry pasta and mustard.

Last year when we visited it was so hot, that we decided not buy any strawberry jam and have it in the car for several days with temperatures above 30°C, so being on the island this week I went back and stocked up.

Karls Strawberry Jam - with marzipan (left) and with prickly pear (right)
Karls Strawberry Jam – with marzipan (left) and with prickly pear (right)

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