Brunnenfest 2024

Last weekend was Brunnenfest (Fountain Festival) in Oberursel, the largest festival to take place each year in the town.

I spent three days covering it for the Oberurseler Forum / Orschel2day and the Oberurseler Woche, today the newspaper contains my 5 articles and 16 of my photos.

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Oberurseler Woche - 29th March 2024
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Brunnenfest returns

This weekend sees the fountain festival (Brunnenfest) return to Oberursel after a two year break.

Fountain Queen Verena I. and her “Brunnenmeister” Andreas are all set to go:

Brunnenkönigin Verena I. and Brunnenmeister Andreas at the Schuckardtsmühle a few days before the Fountain Festival 2022 in Oberursel.

Oberurseler Brunnenfest

This weekend is Brunnenfest in Oberursel (“fountain festival”). It covers most of the inner town from the market place to the fairground near the Portstraße. There are merry-go-rounds, fairground-type games and lots of places to eat and drink.

There are also special events, such as the “Childrens Mile” (Kindermeile), which took place on Saturday afternoon. These are games especially for children, all in one road. In the evening there is live music from various different bands.

What struck me was that whilst the price of the rides and the food was normally quite reasonable, the drinks were expensive. A coke cost 3,30EUR plus 2EUR deposit for the glass!

We will be talking more about this tomorrow in The Monday Podcast.

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