How long can I park here for?

This sign really puzzles me:


Mondays to Fridays I can park for 2 hours between 8am and 6pm using a Parkscheibe, or if I am a local resident with Parkausweis Nr.5. But what happens after 6pm?

Can I park here as a non-resident then? Or is it residents only? Or unlimited time?

I asked some people local to the town where I saw the sign (and wanted to park), but no-one really seemed to be too sure. I have also heard that traffic warden have checked the cars after 6pm, so perhaps it really is just for residents? Anyone know for sure?

Filling up with bio-ethanol for the first time

Today I filled up with bio-ethanol for the first time. Germany’s first bio-ethanol petrol station is located in Bad Homburg and to operate the pump I have a coded key, which allows me to go there at any time of the day, regardless of the opening hours.

For my first visit, however, I decided to go there whilst it was open, just to make sure that there were no problems.

Actually there was a problem – a car had parked on the space in front of the bio-ethanol pump, and I had to wait about 15 minutes until it was moved.

After that I parked there myself, turned the key and filled up the car. As simple as that! Now I have a full tank and can work out for myself how much the car is using. The on-board computer says that I used 13.3litres/100km since I started driving the car, but I don’t know how many litres were in the tank when I got it so I can’t check that figure.

The first bio-ethanol petrol station in Germany,
located in Bad Homburg

Day 4: cruise control and parking

Today I had the chance to try out the cruise control on the bio-ethanol Ford Focus. This maybe has less to do with the fuel in the tank, but it is still something that I have always been very wary of.

In fact, I associate it with the signs on the Brussels ring road where it is not allowed!

Anyway, all went fine – although I’m still worried that I have less control over the car whilst using it, even if that’s not really the case.

My route this morning took me over the motorway and the Bad Homburg ring road, and my fuel consumption stayed pretty much the same.

This evening I was in Bad Homburg and parked at the Kurhaus. I was curious as to whether I would smell the ethanol when I stopped the car in the underground car park, but I didn’t notice anything.

I’ve like to try out the petrol station, but there are still around 400km left to do first!

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