The Mühlenwanderweg – walking where the mills used to be

It was only recently that I discovered the Mühlenwanderweg in Oberursel.  It happened quite by chance, as I wanted to walk from the International Scout Camp during the Hessentag into town, and my route took me that way.  Otherwise, I may still not have known it was there.

So when I found out that the local history society (Verein für Geschichte und Heimatkunde) was offering a guided walk along part of the path, I decided to go along and find out more.

The Mühlenwanderweg in Oberursel in the woods behind Frankfurt International School

In the woods behind Frankfurt International School

The Mühlenwanderweg starts in the woods at the Hohemark, behind the new Taunus Information Centre. [Read more…]

Using bio-ethanol indirectly

ScienceNOW’s daily news reported yesterday on a study that claims that biofuels are more efficient if they are turned into electricity than used in cars.

It’s an interesting thought: if we turn the crops and wood chippings into electricity instead of bio-ethanol, and then drove electric cars, this could well have a positive change on the emissions.

Turning biofuels into electricity on a large scale could well mean that the CO2 emissions even better controlled, thus meaning less of it getting back into the atmosphere.

I wonder whether other studies will support their claims?

Making electricity from bio-ethanol

It’s really a logical step if you think about it.  There are petrol-driven generators and diesel-driven generators, so why not make one that uses bio-ethanol?

That’s what Germany’s Frauenhofer Institute have done according to this article, although they are referring to the item in question as a “fuel cell”.

They hold up to 300 litres of bio-ethanol and can generate 250 Watts of electricity.  One idea for their use is in developing countries, eg. in hospitals.  But perhaps there will also be a demand for this sort of generator in industrial countries as well.

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