Where jazz and mills combine

With the annual “Jazz meets Mühle” in Oberursel being extended to 8 locations and 19 bands, it was a long day yesterday with a lot of walking back and forth. But I managed to photograph 16 of the bands playing and write my article for the Oberurseler Woche overnight.

Evas Apfel playing at the Aumühle during Jazz meets Mühle 2024

Gospel and Jazz in the Liebfrauenkirche during the Hessentag

It was on Whit Monday that just over a hundred visitors to the Hessentag in Oberursel made their way to the Liebfrauenkirche (church) for an evening of gospel and jazz.

The group “Tontauben” in Weißkirchen had joined forces with musicians from Dr.Hoch’s Konservatorium in Frankfurt and singer Ariane Treffer to perform a Gospel Mass by Robert Ray and “Magnificat” by Christoph Schönherr, all of which was conducted by Mark Opeskin.

The concert in the Liebfrauenkirche during the Hessentag in Oberursel

Gospel & Jazz in the Liebfrauenkirche

Described as one of the highlights of the Hessentag, the evening was funded by the catholic diocese of Limburg and the Oberursel’s culture and sport association (KSFO). [Read more…]

Jazz Meeting at the musikhalle portstrasse

This evening while most of Oberursel was getting ready for the Hessentag which starts tomorrow, one group of musicians were already giving their first concert.

The Jazz Meeting” was held at the musikhalle portstraße and involved music students from Italy, Poland, Germany and France along with teachers from the same twinned regions of those countries: Achille Succi (saxophone), Krzysztof Przybylowicz (drums), Jeanmarie Ribis (piano), Dominque Di Piazza (bass) and Michael Sagmeister (guitar).

International Students at the Jazz Meeting (musikhalle portstrasse)

With about 20 guests close-up to the performers, it was amazing to see how they were able to adapt not only to the different styles and rhythms, but even to go so far as to re-configure the drum kit whilst still playing it!

The students performed in small groups are currently practising for their Hessentag performances at the Burgwiesenhalle in Bommersheim.  Their final performance will be on Saturday at 5pm at the Marktplatz.

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