Blogging at the Hessentag

Hat with press card - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / stocksnapperIf you have been reading this blog for the past few weeks, then you will know that a large festival called the Hessentag starts tomorrow in my home town of Oberursel.

This means that for the next 10 days, the streets will be closed to traffic in the town centre and we expect traffic to be queued up on the main roads that lead in and out of the town.

So although I have a permit that allows me to move around parts of the town with my car, I still have to take a large detour to get to others and do not yet know how well I will be able to get anywhere else, meaning that I have restricted my IT consulting appointments to those I can do by foot or by train, or remotely. [Read more…]

Blogging in Germany: Personal, Business or Journalist?

Hat with press card - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / stocksnapperHave you ever considered at what point a blog stops being a personal one and starts being a business?  Or at which point the blogger becomes a writer, or even a journalist?

Quite apart from any internet marketing advice telling you to “treat your blog like a business”, in Germany the differences can have knock-on effects such as how much tax you pay.

Obviously, the first difference between a personal blog and a business site is the need for the Impressum, but a simple way of looking at it is that a personal blog does not make any money.  A business site does, regardless of whether the blog directly sells products, contains advertising or is simply connected to an existing business. [Read more…]

Press Pack

“Press Pack” is a collection of 3 transcripts, each in their own PDF file. The pack is a ZIP file containing the 3 PDFs and is available from the AllThingsGerman Download Store.

The transcripts in this pack are:

To find out more, visit the AllThingsGerman Download Store.

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