Upgrading the train stations

A train at the Rosengärtchen stop in OberurselFor the past few years the stations along the U3 line from Frankfurt to Oberursel have one-by-one been re-built.

The main reasons for this have been modernisation.  The station at the end of the line had been just a provisional platform due to the line being shortened, and new signalling and information displays were installed.

Another was to add more capacity to the system, as many of the older stations had a maximum length of 50m, which equates to four carriages.  Now all platforms are 75m long for the six-carriage trains that run on weekdays.

But one of the most important reasons in my opinion was to make all of the stations “barrierefrei”, ie. to make the platform the same height as the floor of the train. [Read more…]

Sonderwagen – a sighting

Today I spotted a train labelled “Sonderwagen” on the U3 line running towards the Hohemark in Oberursel.

It was not the normal type of train that is used on this line, and there were all sorts of people from the train company running around it as it stood in the Kupferhammer station.

I took a photo as it approached “Rosengärtchen”, where it did not stop but carried on up the line.  Does anyone know what this was about?

Sonderwagen in Oberursel approaches Rosengärtchen

Sonderwagen in Oberursel approaches Rosengärtchen

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