Oberursel’s Station Grand Re-opening: The Bahnhofsfest

This Whitsun weekend will be one that many people in Oberursel remember for a long time to come, because it was this weekend that the station building re-opening with what may be the first “Bahnhofsfest” that it has even seen.

“May be” because no-one knows whether they held one when the building was originally opened in 1901.

The day started at 11am when a large crowd gathered in front a stage that had been set up partially on the U-Bahn platform.  Dr. Justus Förschner of SEWO, the organisation responsible for the renovation work, opened the proceedings with the Mayor Hans-Georg Brum.

Dr. Justus Förschner presenting to key to the new tenants of the station building

Dr. Justus Förschner presenting to key to the new tenants of the station building

After a brief look back at the history of the building, how the dual railway connected had benefited the development of the town, and not forgetting the fact that it had taken over 20 years to find a solution to the “station” problem (the building had been run down, with ticket sales only at peak hours), the key was officially handed over to the new tenants.

After the speeches and presentations had been made, the first visitors made their way into the station building to see the rooms inside for the first time since their renovation.  The doors between the different areas were left open, so it was easy to enter the building on one side and come out on the other.

Outside a miniature steam railway had been laid out, sponsored by the doctors in the new surgery being built across the road.  Rides costs 1 Euro each, with this being donated to the Clown Doktoren – an organisation that arranges for clowns to visit children in hospital.  The tickets for the rides were being sold – quite logically – at the normal ticket counter in the Service Store.

The miniature steam train in front of the Lounge entrance

The miniature steam train in front of the Lounge entrance

Meanwhile on stage both the dance school and children from the English learning centre performed songs and dances.

Helen Doron Early English were also offering Schnupperstunden – sample lessons – for children of various age groups, and in the afternoon also put on a performance of The Gruffalo in English.

The Gruffalo being performed at Helen Doron Early English

The Gruffalo being performed at Helen Doron Early English

An interesting excursion into part of the “old” station was presented by a group called Gruppe4 – a group of artists who had been painting in the disused subway that used to link the building with the platform.  To get there visitors had to go through the new subway and along the platform, before returning underground by way of the old platform exit.

The day was particularly warm and sunny, making it a great start to the Whitsun weekend and a new chapter for Oberursel’s public transport system.

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