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German Christmas Cards

Being the first day in December, my thoughts are turning to writing Christmas cards.

So how about ordering Christmas cards from Germany to use if you are living overseas? Sounds crazy? Well, I’ve found a supplier who can deliver to about 120 countries. Why not give them a try:

Is it OK to place ads in a blog if they are relevant? Leave a comment and let me know…

Pension age raised to 67

The German government has decided to raise the pension age from 65 to 67. Starting from 2012 the pension age will be raised 1 month per year and later by 2 months per year until 2029. This affects everyone born from 1947 onwards.
Some have critised the decision, saying that older workers who find it difficult to get a job will just spend longer unemployed before getting their pension.

On the other hand, a type of bonus scheme is planned so that if you have paid full contributions for 45 years you can still claim a pension when you are 65.
Meanwhile, pension contributions are going to be raised next year from 19,5% to 19,9% – while unemployment contributions will go down from 6,5% to 4,2%. With ever more people reaching the pension age the contributions have been steadily climbing for some time to cover the growing state pension costs.

To complicate matters, there are different rules for different types of pensions. This change affects the the standard old-age pension, but there are also widow’s, disabled and civil servant pensions…

But basically, for anyone born in or after 1964, you can expect to work until you are 67. I’d better start getting used to the idea!

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