Rügen’s Chalk Museum (Kreidemuseum)

Located at the end of a small track that leads past the Precise Resort (formerly Jasmer Resort) in Sagard on Rügen is what is apparently Europe’s only museum dedicated to chalk.

The chalk museum or “Kreidemuseum” is located in the factory building of the Chalk Factory in a hamlet called Gummanz that was in use up to 1962. It was re-opened as a museum in 2005 using a grant from the European Agricultural Fund and the European Fund for Regional Development, and has also been extended.

The entrance to the chalk museum (Kreidemuseum) in Gummanz
The entrance to the chalk museum (Kreidemuseum) in Gummanz

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Klaus Störtebeker is “Everyone’s Enemy”

Mid June can only mean one thing – it’s time to head to Rügen to see the Störtebeker Festspiele. Last year the story ended with Klaus being removed access to the harbours commanded by the Mecklenburg family and being outlawed, after which the garrison of Stockholm is said to have fallen.

The story now fast forwards to 1397. On the island of Gotland off the coast of Sweden the pirates are able to find a harbour in Visby that will let them stay, for a price. The local ruler, Sophie of Pomerania-Wolgast (Susanne Szell) fears that knights of the Teutonic Order may attack them and is also happy to have the extra manpower on hand. Visby is the new set on the left of the stage and it just so happens that their old friend and inventor Hugo (Charles Lemming) has somehow already made it there and owns the local public house.

Bastian Semm as Klaus Störtebeker in Novgorod

Bastian Semm as Klaus Störtebeker in Novgorod

The other side of the stage represents Novgorod which, according to Wikipedia, was one of the most important cities in Russia and was indeed connected to the Hanseatic League. It is here that Grand Prince (Mario Ramos) keeps a tight reign on his people and is prepared to do deals both the league and Sophie, whilst not actually intending to necessarily honour them. [Read more…]

The Railway and Technical Museum on Rügen

Rügen’s Railway and Technical Museum (“Eisenbahn & Technik Museum”) is located in Prora, between the “Koloss” and the railway line. In fact, it is only a short walk from Prora’s station.

The sign at the entrance is a welcome sight for any museum visitor, but especially for bloggers: “entry includes free use of the toilets, the car park and unrestricted photography and filming”. There is indeed a large car park and flash photography is not a problem. Although the museum is so large, that in the main hall a small compact camera’s flash may not have much effect. The toilets, however, are at the furthest possible point in the museum from the entrance.

The entrance to the railway museum on Rügen is through a tramThe entrance to the museum is through a tram

The entrance itself is an usually but fitting way in – through a tram. You climb in at the middle, pay, and go out through one end. For those not able to climb up the steps into the carriage there is, however, a level way in as well. [Read more…]

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