How to take a bicycle on a train to the Hessentag

Cyclists pass through a field - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / diego_cervoOnce you have decided to visit the Hessentag in Oberursel next month, you may be faced with the difficult decision of how to get there.

This week I have looked at the options available:

Each of them has their benefits, but one that may be particularly interesting is a combination of two of them, and take the bicycle on the train.  That way, you can get around the town easily, but do not have the long ride to get there in the first place. [Read more…]

What happens when the ticket machine swallows a note?

A ticket machine in OberurselI was on my way back from the Oberursel Christmas Market a few weeks ago, when I encountered a problem at the U-Bahn station.

Having given most of my small change to the street vendors at the market, I tried to pay for my ticket home with a 5 Euro note.

Except that the ticket machine on the side of the tracks going in my direction did not accept notes!  This is a ridiculous situation, considering that the station was re-built within the past year.

With only a few minutes to go until the train arrived, I dashed back across the crossing to the other side to buy my ticket.  Only for the ticket machine to swallow my 5 Euro note. [Read more…]

The Bommersheim Tram Depot

Last week the tram depot in Bommersheim (now used to store trains for the U-Bahn) opened its doors to the public for the first time, to allow a small number of people to take a guided tour.

I was able to join one of the tours, and consider myself very lucky because the restrictions in place meant that not just anyone could take part.

A U-Bahn (U2 type) stands across the points in Bommersheim.  The running rails are to the right, the sidings to the left.

A U-Bahn (U2 type) stands across the points in Bommersheim. The running rails are to the right, the sidings to the left.

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Before we started, we were briefed on where and what we could do inside the depot.  The running lines, which link to the depot, were in normal use with trains passing us at close range at about 50kmh.  Inside the engine shed there are pits, used for access to the undercarriages, which posed a danger.  Levers and controls, although not themselves unsafe, were covered with grease that would be difficult to wash out of clothing.

After signing to say that we had understood all of this, the tour could begin. [Read more…]

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