How to get to the Hessentag: by train

A U-Bahn at the main station in OberurselWith the centre of Oberursel closed to traffic during the Hessentag, probably one of the easiest ways to get to and from the events is going to be by train, and since Oberursel has two lines running through it, this is probably going to be the most convenient as well.

Coming from Frankfurt you have the choice of taking the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn.  This choice is more than likely going to depend on where you live, so if you live anywhere on the line between the Südbahnhof and Niederursel, then you need take the U3.  There will be extra trains running between Heddernheim and Oberursel’s main station (Bahnhof). [Read more…]

Worldfest at Frankfurt International School

This afternoon the Frankfurt International School at the northern end of Oberursel celebrated their “Worldfest”.

At Worldfest, the parents of the pupils attending the school sell food and drink as well as arts and crafts from their home countries.  With 19 countries represented, there was certainly a wide choice of things to try, from more well-known dishes such as pizza (Italy), sushi (Japan), and Bratwurst (Germany), to more exotic items like Blini and Pirozhki (Russia), Poffertjes (Netherlands) and Bulgogi (Korea).

FIS Worldfest 22nd May 2011 - Indian stand

Food at the Indian stand

The elderflower lemonade from Sweden certainly made an interesting – and refreshing – alternative to the usual type of drinks at such festivals.

With the school celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as well, the festival was particularly well visited, with alumni swelling the numbers to an estimated 3,000 visitors!  In the entrance, a selection of vintage cars were on show from the 1960s and 1970s – the early years of the school, accompanied by their owners who were happy to explain their cherished automobiles.

Amongst the first visitors were [Read more…]

Have you got your tickets for the Hessentag yet?

A ticket billboard in OberurselIt was announced this week, that the record for the number of tickets sold for events at a Hessentag had been broken, when Oberursel passed the 120,000 mark – beating the previous record set by Homburg (Efze) in 2008.

This is maybe not surprising considering the number of big names coming to the town during the Hessentag, and with most of the marketing effort so far going into selling exactly those tickets.

Anyone interested in buying the remaining tickets can do so online at the Hessentag ticket shop, or in the Oberursel Rathaus at the Ticket- and Infocentre. For each concert there are usually two prices given, the “Vorverkauf” and the “Abendkasse”. [Read more…]

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