China-Restaurant San-Han (Nord-West-Zentrum)

Yesterday I had a delicious buffet at the chinese restaurant “San-Han” in Nord-West-Zentrum – a shopping centre about 20 minutes away.

The buffet was well stocked and cost 7,50EUR per Person.

Nord-West-Zentrum is located in North-West of Frankfurt and is easily reached via the A66 motorway or the U1 train line. The buffet is served until 3pm and makes a welcome break from shopping in the busy centre.

To reserve a table, call: +49 69 57000072


Ever heard of a Käseigel?

Well, you’ve probably seen or even eaten cheese and grapes from cocktail sticks. 50s, 60s and 70s there was a trend to stick these sticks into a large fruit, eg. a melon, so creating the form of a hedgehog. Hence the name “Käseigel”.

The term has now been listed as one of the words threatened to be removed from German dictionaries for lack of use.

A list of such words is online at

Ich bin dann mal weg…

My latest book to read is: “Ich bin dann mal weg..” from Hape Kerkeling
A German comedian set out on the Camino de Santiago (“Jakobsweg”) and wrote about his experiences in this book. Michaela gave it to me for Christmas.

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