Michel Liebmann

Michel Liebmann from Oberursel’s twin town in France, Épinay-sur-Seine, died on 8th March, 2013, aged 82.  For the past 50 years he had been an staunch advocate of the twinning between the towns.

He first visited Oberursel during the “Heimatfest” in 1964 as a civil servant in the delegation from Épinay, and it was in sports that he particularly enriched the twinning, specifically in football and Pétanque.  It is said that he also always there for his German friends, was an excellent host and well-liked.  For many years he took part in the fountain festival (“Brunnenfest”) as chairman of the Pétanque club “La Boule Spinassienne”, where he was to be found at the Oberursel Boule-Club’s stand.

He also had connections to the Pétanque Club in Oberursel.  It is as a result of his initiative that for over 20 years regular tournaments have taken place between the German and Epinay clubs.

As chairman of the veterans’ association in Épinay has was engaged in promoting peace and reconciliation between the people of the two countries.  On 10th June, 2006, he received the Oberursel’s “Europa-Medaille” (Europe medal) which was presented to him by Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum with Épinay’s Mayor Hervé Chevreau also attending.

Receiving the Europa-Medaille in 2006, Michel Liebmann (centre) with Hervé Chevreau (left) and Hans-Georg Brum (right)  Photo: Ralf Bender

Receiving the Europa-Medaille in 2006
Michel Liebmann (centre) with Hervé Chevreau (left) and Hans-Georg Brum (right)

Michel Liebmann had been critically ill for over three years.  The chairman of the Pétanque Club Oberursel 86 e.V., Ralf Bender, wrote in his obituary: “Michel Liebmann was a pillar of the exchanges between the Pétanque players in Oberursel and Épinay and was key to the continued contact over the past 20 years.  Michel was a guide both for our club and for me personally, one who brought the Franco-German friendship to life.”

The funeral took place on 15th March and his passing was remembered at the beginning of the town council sitting on Thursday, 21st March, 2013 in a speech by council chairman Dr. Christoph Müllerleile.


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