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Prince Marcel I. at the town hall

Having successfully taken over the town hall last Saturday, Prince Marcel I. moved into the Mayor’s office on Thursday where he intends to run things until Ash Wednesday.

Marcel I. in the Mayor's Office on Monday, 25th Februar, 2019 (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The photo shows him settling into the Mayor’s office with his pages Pia (left) and Natalie (right), Lord Stewart and Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, accompanied by the town’s treasurer Thorsten Schorr (left) and Alderman Christof Fink (right).

It’s carnival time!

The Rathaussturm when the carnival prince takes over the town hall took place on Saturday morning.  Prince Marcel I. was accompanied by the KinderPrinzenPaar (Children’s prince and princess) Lara I. and Marc I. from the market place to the town hall, where he took over the key from Mayor Hans-Georg Brum:

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Carollers at the town hall

Carol singers in German do not go from house to house before Christmas eve, they do it afterwards instead – specifically between 27th December and 6th January.

During this time, the so-called “Sternsinger”, organised by the local church and who are sometimes translated as “star boys”, go from house to house to collect for a particular good cause using the year’s motto and dressed as the Three Kings.

The money raised this year will mainly be going towards projects to help children in Peru.  With the whole country taking part, it is not unusual to raise over €40 million.

Before they leave they write 20*C+M+B+19 on the door frame, the letters standing for “Christus mansionem benedicat”, or “God protect this house”. [Read more…]

Dieter & Elvira Wolff – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Rings - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / montegoCongratulations to Dieter and Elvira Wolff in Weißkirchen who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary today!

First signs of spring

Warmer weather has brought the first crocuses into bloom.

Crocuses in Oberursel, February 2019

“Grenzpunkt” in the Neuhausstraße

Dots like this “Grenzpunkt” are placed all over Germany and are used like triangulation points for map making and measuring the sizes of properties.

This one can be found next to the playground in the Neuhausstraße, at the northend end of Oberursel.

“Grenze” means border, so I wonder what border it marks?

Grenzpunkt in the Neuhausstrasse

Grenzpunkt in the Neuhausstrasse


Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Jugendfläche Neuhausstraße - 17. February 2019

Book swapping cabinet in Camp King

The Rotary Club in Oberursel has donated a new book swapping cabinet, similar to the one at the Feldbergschule, except that this time it is not a red telephone box.
The cabinet is located in the Camp-King-Allee at the corner of the Elvis-Presley-Weg.

Snow in Camp King

The Altkönig statue and a sledge in front of the Mountain Lodge in Camp King, Oberursel.

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