Snow in Camp King

The Altkönig statue and a sledge in front of the Mountain Lodge in Camp King, Oberursel.

A mini snowman in Oberursel

Seen in the Rosengärtchen area.

Snow in Oberursel

Snow in Im Rosengärtchen on 10th January 2017

Snow in “Im Rosengärtchen” on Tuesday, 10th January, 2017

Winter weather stops Bulgarian trucker

The heavy snow fall on Tuesday (12th March, 2013) caused problems for one Bulgarian lorry drover who came off the road at the junction of the Niederstedter Straße and the B456 and got stuck in a snow drift.

He told police that he was unable to call for a breakdown truck to tow him back out, as he only had 50 Euro in cash with him.

It was one of the town’s employees who was out clearing snow that found a solution for the problem.  He suggested contacting the garden centre Kofler in Oberstedten, which had a tow truck capable of the job.  The owner of the garden centre came straight away and towed the lorry out of the drift, allowing the Bulgarian driver to continue on his way home.

The garden centre owner would not accept any money for his services, and was just happy to have been able to help.

Oberursel Swimming Pool – 11th December 2012

(Click to enlarge)

The photos were taken on 11th December, 2012, when the outlook pool was partially frozen and covered in snow.  The temperature was -2°C.

First snow of the winter in Oberursel

Snow in Oberursel - 27th October 2012

The first snowfall of the winter in “Im Rosengärtchen”, Oberursel, on 27th October 2012

Snow returned to Oberursel for Easter Monday

Snow in Oberursel on Easter Monday 2012

Snow at the northern end of Oberursel on Easter Monday 2012

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