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S-Bahn S5 replaced by buses at weekend

The S-Bahn S5 will be replaced by a bus service from Friday, 29th September, 8pm until Wednesday, 4th October, 2017, 2.30am between Oberursel and Friedrichsdorf.

The buses will be running every 15 minutes starting from a bus stop in the Lenaustraße.  That is on the Bommersheim side of the station and should not be confused with the normal bus stops!

The Lenaustraße will be temporarily made one-way it will not be possible to park there.

Energy saving advice

Energy Saving Calculator - © Verbraucherzentrale (consumers’ association) will be offering individual energy saving consultations in the Rathaus in Oberursel on Thursday, 5th October 2017.

Appointments cost €5 for 30 minutes, and €2.50 for each 15 minutes after that. They need to be arranged in advance by calling 06171 502-310.


Bingo at the Seniorentreff

Bingo - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / iofotoThe Seniorentreff in Oberursel will be offering an afternoon of Bingo on Thursday, 5th October 2017 between 2.30pm and 4.30pm in the “Altes Hospital” (Hospitalstraße 9).

Anyone who is interested is invited to come along and try their luck!

Am Rahmtor closed for three weeks

The bus stop “Am Rahmtor” is being re-developed to allow for step-free access to the buses in Oberursel, and to allow for the work to take place the road is closed at the junction with the Füllerstraße for the next three weeks.

This means that it is not possible to exit the top end of the market square onto the main roads.

Access to Altkönigstraße 1 and to the Grundschule Mitte is only possible via the Eppsteiner Straße.

Frankfurter Landstraße One-Way

Commuters travelling from Oberursel and the surrounding area to Frankfurt face delays due to roadworks that started today in the Frankfurter Landstraße.

To allow the area opposite the U-Bahn station “Bommersheim” to be re-developed,  new utility pipes are being laid and the road will be widened to allow for a lane for traffic turning off into the new site.

Whilst the work is going on, the Frankfurter Landstraße is going to be a one-way street towards Oberursel.  Traffic travelling towards Frankfurt will be diverted along the Zimmersmühlenweg and the Ludwig-Erhard-Straße. [Read more…]

Book reading for children aged 5 and over

The story “Der kleine Mondrabe” by Marcus Pfister is being read in the library on Thursday, 28th September, 2017 at 4pm by volunteer Edith Nikel-Ruppmann.

Tickets cost €2 and should be reserved in advance in the library or by calling 06171 62870.

TaunaBad indoor pool to re-open on Monday

The indoor pool at the TaunaBad is to re-open on Monday, 25th September, 2017 following maintenance work that was carried out during the summer.

Work will still be taking place on repairing problems with the roof.  An intermediate ceiling will allow the work to take place whilst the pool is open and outside a cover for the roof will be installed on scaffolding.  However the operators warn that it may still be necessary to close the pool for a few days in October. [Read more…]

Friday night music at Musikhalle Portstraße

Blue musical notes - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / OrsonFriday night is music night at Musikhalle Portstraße, located near the U-Bahn stop “Altstadt”.

On Friday, 29th September 2017, another “Newcomer TV Night” is being held.

Doors open at 8pm for a 8.30pm start and entry costs €2.

Breakfast Buffet at the Seniorentreff

The Seniorentreff in the “Altes Hospital” (Hospitalstraße 9) will be holding a breakfast buffet on Friday, 29th September, 2017 between 9am and 10.30am, with food and drink costing €6 per person.

To take part, register in advance by calling 06171 585333 and leave a message on the answerphone if necessary.

3,000 step walk for senior citizens in Stierstadt

Group of Senior Citizens walking - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / micropixA 3,000 step walk for senior citizens is taking place in Stierstadt on Tuesday, 26th September 2017.

To take part, be at the bus stop “Altes Rathaus” in Stierstadt at 3pm.

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