S-Bahn S5 replaced by buses at weekend

The S-Bahn S5 will be replaced by a bus service from Friday, 29th September, 8pm until Wednesday, 4th October, 2017, 2.30am between Oberursel and Friedrichsdorf.

The buses will be running every 15 minutes starting from a bus stop in the Lenaustraße.  That is on the Bommersheim side of the station and should not be confused with the normal bus stops!

The Lenaustraße will be temporarily made one-way it will not be possible to park there.

Intoxicated cyclist injured in accident

A cyclist was injured in an accident at 1.50am on Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017.  The 25-year-old from Ireland was travelling along the Lenaustraße towards the Hauffstraße when they lost control of their bike and fell.  They were taken to hospital by ambulance.

A breath test revealed that their blood alcohol content to be around 2 parts per thousand.  By comparison, the normal legal limit for driving a car in Germany is 0.5 parts per thousand.

The bicycle was undamaged.

From the town council: Swimming, Sewage, the Station, and the Saga of the Bärenkreuzung

The last meeting of the town council in Oberursel was a long, drawn out affair, which even prompted Mayor Hans-Georg Brum to refer to part of the debate as a “Gebetsmühle” – literally a “prayer wheel”, ie. a discussion that was taking a long time and going round in circles.

It was also the point in the council year for treasurer Thorsten Schorr to make his annual budget speech, the debate on which was deferred to a later date after the Bürgerversammlung about the proposed savings.

Part of that budget may have played a role in the OBG asking what the pre-requisites are for town employees taking on committee roles in charities such as the Förderverein Taunabad during their work time and whether this was not something that the town was doing voluntarily and hence should possibly be reduced or stopped altogether under the budget constraints. [Read more…]

Bicycle stolen at station

A bicycle owner had locked his bicycle to the stand in the Lenaustraße on the Bommersheim side of the station on Tuesday, 19th September, 2013 at 2pm.  When he returned at 3pm, the bicycle was missing.  Is it not yet known how the thieves opened the lock or which direction they went with the bicycle, which police say was worth around €500.

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