Autos in der Allee

This weekend (Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April, 2015) sees the annual “Autos in der Allee” event take place in Oberursel, with the Adenauerallee turned into an exhibition ground for cars.  The event, which is taking place for the 18th time, is considered to be one of the largest car shows in the region outside of Frankfurt.

170 new cars will be on show in the Adenauerallee and Liebfrauenstraße alone, with caravans and mobile homes on the corner between them. [Read more…]

Changes to the Bärenkreuzung roadworks

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaWork on the Bärenkreuzung in the centre of Oberursel started on Monday last week.

Since then, some modifications to the flow of traffic have been made.

It is no longer possible to travel from the Oberhöchstadter Straße across the crossing into the Liebfrauenstraße.

Additional traffic lights have been placed in the Lindenstraße to assist pedestrians.

The one-way system in the Austraße has been reversed so that traffic from the Aumühlenstraße can travel along it back towards the Oberhöchstadter Straße and into the Stadthalle car park.

Work on Bärenkreuzung to start

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaWork on the Bärenkreuzung in the centre of Oberursel is to start on Monday, 18th November, 2013.

The crossing is the junction of the Adenauerallee with the Liebfrauenstraße, Oberhöchstadter Straße and Vorstadt and is one of the major road junctions in the town.

Whilst the road works take place, the town is keen to stress that the shops are still easy to get to, although pedestrians may have to take small detour to get to them.

[Read more…]

From the town council: Swimming, Sewage, the Station, and the Saga of the Bärenkreuzung

The last meeting of the town council in Oberursel was a long, drawn out affair, which even prompted Mayor Hans-Georg Brum to refer to part of the debate as a “Gebetsmühle” – literally a “prayer wheel”, ie. a discussion that was taking a long time and going round in circles.

It was also the point in the council year for treasurer Thorsten Schorr to make his annual budget speech, the debate on which was deferred to a later date after the Bürgerversammlung about the proposed savings.

Part of that budget may have played a role in the OBG asking what the pre-requisites are for town employees taking on committee roles in charities such as the Förderverein Taunabad during their work time and whether this was not something that the town was doing voluntarily and hence should possibly be reduced or stopped altogether under the budget constraints. [Read more…]

Getting to the root of the Sycamore Tree problem

There is a tree in the centre of Oberursel that has been receiving quite a bit of attention recently.  Called a “Platane”, a type of sycamore tree, it is located at the junction of the Adenauerallee, Oberhöchstadter Straße and the Liebfrauenstraße, next to what used to be called KDM – “Kaufhaus der Mitte”.

Whilst KDM is in the process of being modernised, the crossing itself has been in discussion for re-development at some time in the future, or even re-configuration you might say, considering that part of the discussion focuses on how the traffic lanes should be laid out.

At one point there was talk of planting a replacement tree and removing the current one, but this met with such resistance – even among members of the town council – that just two months ago the town hall scrapped those plans and came up with new ones leaving the tree in place.

“Not a branch will be damaged” claimed the Taunus Zeitung in March. [Read more…]

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