Autos in der Allee

This weekend (Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April, 2015) sees the annual “Autos in der Allee” event take place in Oberursel, with the Adenauerallee turned into an exhibition ground for cars.  The event, which is taking place for the 18th time, is considered to be one of the largest car shows in the region outside of Frankfurt.

170 new cars will be on show in the Adenauerallee and Liebfrauenstraße alone, with caravans and mobile homes on the corner between them.

Autos in der Allee 2014

Cars in the Adenauerallee in 2014

The Henchenstraße will contain a number of exhibits such as a set of glasses that simulate being drunk, a car that can be flipped over, and the local refuse collection will be showing off their new high-tech dustcart.

Over commercial vehicles will be on show at the Rathausplatz, and the Epinay-Platz will be the place to go to see the collection of classic cars.

The exhibition will be opened at 11.30 on Saturday at the Bärenkreuzung by Mayor Hans-Georg Brum, his opponent in the current election campaign Thorsten Schorr, and Fountain Queen Christina II.

A vintage car on display at the Epinay-Platz during Autos in der Allee 2014

A vintage car on display at the Epinay-Platz during Autos in der Allee 2014

Sunday is also a “verkaufsoffener Sonntag”, meaning that he shops will be open from 12pm until 6pm.

On Saturday, the Helen Doron English Lernzentrum will be offering free trial lessons at the station at the end of the Adenauerallee.  These are 10.30 (2-5 years old), 11.30 (6-8 years old), 13.30 (9-11 years old) and 14.30 (12-14 years old).

Road closures and diversions

From 6am on Saturday until 8pm on Sunday the following roads will be closed to traffic:

  • Adenauerallee
  • Liebfrauenstraße (between Feldbergstraße and Adenauerallee)
  • Henchenstraße
  • Oberhöchstadter Straße (between Austraße and Bärenkreuzung)

Traffic will be diverted along the Feldbergstraße, Nassauer Straße and Lindenstraße, with the one-way system in the Lindenstraße and Nassauerstraße being lifted and parking restrictions put in place.

Public transport

Bus routes 41, 42, 44 and 45 will be diverted, with nr. 41 stopping additionally at the “Rathaus” stop and other temporary stops in operation in the Feldbergstraße.

Car parks

The City-Parkhaus, Altstadt, and Stadthalle car parks will all be open on Sunday from 6.30am until 1am on Monday


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