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Sigrun und Konrad Gabler – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Rings - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / montegoCongratulations to Sigrun and Konrad Gabler in Stierstadt who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary today!

Are refugees a topic for the Ausländerbeirat or not?

The first meeting of Oberursel’s Ausländerbeirat after their inaugural meeting started off less spectacularly than the previous one had.  Held on Monday, 8th February, 2016, it was a 18:03 that Dr. Franz Zenker (ILO) asked “shall we start?”, with only 5 of the 9 members present.  “You’re the chairman” came the reply from Natalia Bind (AZO), who only a month before had appeared to be more eager to get things going.

At the time, there were several hundred refugees still camped out in one of the school halls, so it was a topic likely to be discussed.  Indeed, it was even on the Agenda.  Twice.  Four weeks previously the mayor, Hans-Georg Brum, had made it a key topic for the committee.

So when a question was posed about why there had been no mention in that previous meeting of a local building being set up to take 200 asylum seekers, less than 24 hours before the fire brigade carried the beds in, the reply was that the town itself was only informed by the local government (Kreis) at a very late stage.  Thomas Eifert, the committee’s contact in the town hall, commented that “the communication is really bad”. [Read more…]

A tour for new residents

New residents to Oberursel will have a chance to take part in a tour of the town on Sunday, 3rd April, 2016 at 3pm.

The tour starts at the Vortaunusmuseum at the top of the market square and will be led by town guide Thomas Sterzel together with Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum.

The tour last about two hours and ends with a rare opportunity to see the inside of the historic town hall where the council chamber is normally not open to the public, except when it is hired out for weddings.

Children are welcome to take part and there is no need to register in advance.

Water supply renewal means diversions and changes to bus route

The water mains at the northern end of Oberursel is due to be overhauled in the coming weeks, resulting in diversions and a change to one of the bus routes.

Starting on Tuesday, 29th March, 2016 traffic travelling out of the town along the Hohemarkstraße will be diverted along the residential road “Im Rosengärtchen” where the right-of-way will be changed at places.  Traffic entering the town will remain on the Hohemarkstraße.  Additional roadworks will be in the road “An der Waldlust” where it crosses the Altkönigstraße.

The bus route 42 travelling from the cemetery towards “Weißkirchen-Ost” will use Hohemarkstraße instead of “Im Rosengärtchen”, with a replacement bus stop opposite the U-Bahn stop “Rosengärtchen”.  The route in the other direction is not affected.

The work is expected to be completed by Friday, 22nd April, 2016.

3,000 step walk for senior citizens in Weißkirchen

Group of Senior Citizens walking - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / micropixA 3,000 step walk for senior citizens is taking place in Weißkirchen on Wednesday, 30th March, 2016.

To take part, be at the “Altes Rathaus” (Urselbachstraße 59) at 9.30am.

Ludwig Zimmermann – 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herrn Ludwig Zimmermann of Oberstedten who is 90 years old today.

Book flea market at the library

Pile of books - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / NatikaThere will be a book flea market in Oberursel’s library on Saturday, 2nd April 2016 between 10am and 1pm with proceeds going to the library’s supporters’ association.

The library is located at one end of the market square in Oberursel, in the Eppsteinerstraße.

The nearest car parks are “Bleiche” and in the Holzweg. The nearest train station is Altstadt (U3).

Take a tour of Oberursel’s old town

The Bleiche in Oberursels old townA tour of the old town (Altstadt) part of Oberursel is being offered on Saturday, 2nd April 2016 at 2pm.

The tour starts in front of the Vortaunusmuseum at the Marktplatz at 2pm and costs €3 per person.

Children’s cinema in the Portstrasse

Cinema Reel - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / AnatolyMThe bluebox portstrasse will be showing a film for children aged 8 and over on Friday, 1st April 2016 is not a commercial cinema, they are not allowed to advertise which film will be shown in advance. If you do want to know which film will be shown then call 06171 636930 and they will tell you.

The bluebox is located opposite the U-Bahn station “Altstadt” (formerly “Portstraße”).


Mixing desk stolen at party

A mixing desk “Pioneer DJM-350 DJ-Mixer 650” was stolen from a marquee during an A-Level party at the “Stierstädter Heide” on Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016 – sometime between 9pm and 11.30pm.  It is worth around €650.  Any information that could help police should be given by calling 06171 62400.

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