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Car hit traffic lights on the Hohemarkstraße

Health problems were apparently the cause of an accident that took place on the Hohemarkstraße on Tuesday, 10th September, 2013 at 5pm.

The driver of a BMW X5 lost control of their vehicle on the section of the road near the Kupferhammerweg where the U-Bahn tracks cross it, hitting the pole of the traffic lights which caused the entire traffic light array to stop working.

The driver was slightly injured, police and railway staff controlled the traffic until a replacement set of lights could be installed.  The damage is estimated at around €20,000.

New sculpture unveiled at Chopin-Platz

In September a new sculpture was unveiled at the Chopin-Platz, created by Russian artist Nikolai Karlychanow.  The sculpture shows the pianist’s hands and has been made out of a block of marble.

The project was financed be donations, of which €7,000 came from the Taunus Sparkasse and a further €9,000 from private individuals.

The sculpture being unveiled

Unveiling the sculpture (from left to right): Oliver Klink (Chairman of the Taunus Sparkasse), Rainer A. Herrmann, Marietta Lienhard, Christoph Kappus, Bernd Lienhard, Klaus Mehler, Mayor Hans-Georg Brum und Renate Kappus.

The electricity sub-station at the Chopin-Platz has also been re-painted by artist “Canister” to match the musical theme.

 (Click to enlarge)

Lost property (May to July 2013)

Oberursel Rathaus

The lost property office (Fundbüro) in Oberursel’s town hall has released a list of items that have been handed in between May and July this year.

You can browse the list (in German) by clicking here.

Amongst the latest finds are ID cards, six pairs of glasses, four purses, three mobile phones, various items of clothing and cosmetics, two rings, a number of keys, a music stand, a porcelain doll, two rucksacks and a number of tools.

They can be collected at the Rathaus in room 101A within 6 months of them being handed in. For more information call 06171 502-371 or -262.

Accident in roadworks on the B456

An accident occured in the roadworks on the B456 on Tuesday, 17th September 2013 at 11.25pm when a car travelling from Oberursel towards Bad Homburg crossed onto the other side of the road into the oncoming traffic.

The 29-year-old driver of a Scirocco was forced swerve to avoid a collision and came to a standstill at the exist to Oberstedten.  The 18-year-old driver of an Insignia behind him was also able to stop, but the car behild – also a Scirocco, driven by a 19-year-old – was unable to do so in time and hit the Insignia from behind.

The car that had initially caused the accident carried on its way to Bad Homburg without stopping.  The damage is estimated at around €11,000.

Take a look inside the tower of St.Ursula’s Church

St.Ursula's Church Tower in OberurselThe tower of St.Ursula’s Church in Oberursel will be open to the public on Saturday, 5th October, 2013 between 3pm and 5pm.

The tower contains a museum, the belfry and there is also access to the roof where you can get a breathtaking view across the town and its neighbours.

Entry costs €1.50 for adults and €1.00 for children.


Book flea market at the library

Pile of books - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / NatikaThere will be a book flea market in Oberursel’s library on Saturday, 5th October, 2013 between 10am and 1pm with proceeds going to the library’s supporters’ association.

The library is located at one end of the market square in Oberursel, in the Eppsteinerstraße.

The nearest car parks are “Bleiche” and in the Holzweg. The nearest train station is Altstadt (U3).

Children’s cinema in the Portstrasse

Cinema Reel - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / AnatolyMThe bluebox portstrasse will be showing a film for children aged 5 and over on Friday, 4th October, 2013 at 2.45pm.

As the organisation is not a commercial cinema, they are not allowed to advertise which film will be shown in advance. If you do want to know which film will be shown then call 06171 636930 and they will tell you.

The bluebox is located opposite the U-Bahn station “Altstadt” (formerly “Portstraße”).


3,000 step walk for senior citizens

Group of Senior Citizens walking - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / micropixThe Seniorentreff in Oberursel will be offering a 3,000 step walk on Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013. The walk will go through the old part of the town (Altstadt) and be led by Marion Unger.

To take part, be at the Christuskirche in the Oberhöchstädter Straße at 3pm.

Take a tour of Oberursel’s old town

The Bleiche in Oberursels old townA tour of the old town (Altstadt) part of Oberursel is being offered on Saturday, 5th October, 2013 at 2pm.

The tour starts in front of the Vortaunusmuseum at the Marktplatz at 2pm and costs €3 per person.

Tuesday night cinema at Bluebox Portstraße

Cinema Reel - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / AnatolyMTuesday night is film night at Bluebox Portstraße, located near the U-Bahn stop “Altstadt”.

As the organisation is not a commercial cinema, they are not allowed to advertise which film will be shown in advance. For Tuesday, 1st October, 2013, we are told that it will be a subtle drama. If you do want to know which film will be shown then call 06171 636930 and they will tell you.

The showing starts at 9pm.

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