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Arson series solved

Detectives in Bad Homburg have solved the series of arson attacks in Oberursel which had involved setting light to rubbish bins.  In some cases the neighbouring buildings had been damaged by the blazes, with the total damage estimated at €250,000.

According to police the fires where started by a group of twelve youths who operated in different combinations, but where two in particular – a 19-year-old from Oberursel and an 18-year-old from Wehrheim – considered to be the main culprits.

The inquiry is said to be very complicated and continues.

Cyclist looking for witnesses to accident

A cyclist involved in an accident on the Füllerstraße is looking for witnesses to an accident in order to help police find the person responsible.

The accident took place on Tuesday, 18th June, 2013 at 6pm, when the driver of a white A5 changed lanes, forcing the cyclist to stop abruptly and fall.

The cyclist had to be taken to hospital where he spent almost two weeks recovering.

Despite another driver who saw the accident sounding their horn and trying to make the Audi driver aware of what had happened, they drove off leaving the cyclist behind.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oberursel police on 06171 62400.

An der Wandlust – road closed

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe road “An der Waldlust” is closed from the junction with Hans-Rother-Steg due to a burst water main.

Access to the main cemetery by car is  only possible via a diversion which runs along the Hohemarkstraße, Alfred-Lechler-Straße and through the woods on the Altkönigstraße.

Buses are not able to reach the cemetery at present.

The work to repair the water main and re-open the road is expected to be completed by 2nd October, 2013.

Guided walk: Jewish life in Oberursel

The Victim's Memorial (Opferdenkmal) in OberurselA guided walk entitled “Auf den Spuren jüdischen Lebens in Oberursel” (Traces of Jewish life in Oberursel) is being offered on Sunday, 29th September, 2013 by historian Angelika Rieber.

The tour starts at 2.30pm at the fountain on the Marktplatz and costs 3EUR per person.


Friday night music at Musikhalle Portstraße

Blue musical notes - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / OrsonFriday night is music night at Musikhalle Portstraße, located near the U-Bahn stop “Altstadt”.

On Friday, 27th September, 2013 rock bands “Pillbugz” und “Mercury Lounge” will be playing at 8pm.

Entry costs €5.

Tuesday night cinema at Bluebox Portstraße

Cinema Reel - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / AnatolyMTuesday night is film night at Bluebox Portstraße, located near the U-Bahn stop “Altstadt”.

As the organisation is not a commercial cinema, they are not allowed to advertise which film will be shown in advance. For Tuesday, 24th September, 2013, we are told that it will be a drama. If you do want to know which film will be shown then call 06171 636930 and they will tell you.

The showing starts at 9pm.

From the town council: The Fountain Festival, the Carnival, and the Swimming Pool

When the town council met on Thursday, 12th September, 2013, there were no really “big” topics.  There was almost no mention of the swimming pool and almost no mention of the state of the town’s finances.  In fact, there was quite a bit of agreement about things not to talk about, but to send off to other sub-committees.

Nethertheless, there were still plenty of things to talk about.

One of the more curious set of questions during the evening came from the CDU group, who wanted to know how much the town spend on the annual Brunnenfest (Fountain festival), in particular in 2013.  They also wanted to know why the fireworks did not take place this year.  A rather strange request, considering that one of the people on the committee that organizes the festival is also a CDU councillor. [Read more…]

Jazz meets Mühle: Corinna Danzer & Friends

Jazz on the Mühlenwanderweg - Corinna Danzer & Friends at the Kürtellsmühle

The Corinna Danzer & Friends playing at the Kürtellsmühle (Haus der Fa. Adam Koch) on Sunday, 8th September 2013 during “Jazz meets Mühle”.

Jazz meets Mühle: Powerhouse Swingtett

Jazz on the Mühlenwanderweg - Powerhouse Swingtett at the Schuckardtmühle

The Powerhouse Swingtett playing at the Schuckardtmühle (Haus der Naturfreunde) on Sunday, 8th September 2013 during “Jazz meets Mühle”.


Oberursel City Card collected for Schüssel

The “Oberursel City Card” group were giving away free points to visitors to the autumn market (“Herbsttreiben”) at the weekend.  In return for a donation of at least one Euro, City Card owners could spin the wheel and earn themselves some extra points.

The proceeds went to the good cause known as “Schüssel und Freunde helfen”

Schüssel collecting the donations at the autumn market

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