Jazz meets Mills – Jazz meets Mühle – under a baking hot sun

The third edition of the “Jazz meets Mills” event on Whitmonday, 9th June, 2014, certainly had better weather than the previous year.  It was hot.  Very hot.

The day started at the Schuckardsmühle, now known as the “Haus der Naturfreunde”, on the Mühlenwanderweg with Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and Fountain Queen Carolyn II. opening the proceedings, before The Bandstand feat. Valentin Garvie kicked off the music. [Read more…]

Jazz meets Mühle: Corinna Danzer & Friends

Jazz on the Mühlenwanderweg - Corinna Danzer & Friends at the Kürtellsmühle

The Corinna Danzer & Friends playing at the Kürtellsmühle (Haus der Fa. Adam Koch) on Sunday, 8th September 2013 during “Jazz meets Mühle”.

Jazz meets Mühle: Powerhouse Swingtett

Jazz on the Mühlenwanderweg - Powerhouse Swingtett at the Schuckardtmühle

The Powerhouse Swingtett playing at the Schuckardtmühle (Haus der Naturfreunde) on Sunday, 8th September 2013 during “Jazz meets Mühle”.


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