Indoor pool to close for 5 weeks – outdoor pool will remain open

The Stadtwerke Oberursel have informed us that the indoor swimming pool at the TaunaBad will be closed from Monday, 27th July, 2015 for around five weeks.  This is to allow for the annual maintenance to take place and to remedy some of the defects left from when the pool was built.  This cannot be done whilst the pool is in use.

The Foyer and changing room area will be closed for around one week to allow them to be deep cleaned.  Visitors to the outdoor pool can either use the ticket machines next to the building or the side entrance at the end of the car park in the Clara-Schumann-Straße.  There are changing rooms available at the outdoor pool. [Read more…]

Taunabad opening party on 4th July

Saturday, 4th July, 2015 sees the official opening of the new TaunaBad take place in Oberursel with a big party in the grounds outside.

Hit Radio FFH’s presenter Julia Nestle will be be bringing the radio tour to the pool and there will be outdoor activities on offer between 2pm and 6pm.  If the weather turns bad then the party will move indoors).

To speed up and simplify entry to the pool there will not be any “Kurzzeittickets” (tickets for a limited number of hours) on sale.  Day tickets and family tickets can be purchased in advanced in the foyer of the pool building.

As a large number of visitors are expected, the car park will probably fill up quickly.  Visitors can also use the car park belonging to Fresenius round the corner in the Borkenberg free of charge.

Due to another event taking place in the morning, the outdoor pool will not be open on Saturday until 12.30pm, but will stay open until 8pm.  The indoor pool will be open between 2pm and 9pm.  It will be possible to enter the grounds through the main building and via the entrance at the other end of the car park.

Taunabad Eröffnungsparty

Swimming pool closed on Tuesday

The outdoor swimming pool in Oberursel will be closed on Tuesday, 8th July, 2014 to allow for damage to pool to be repaired.

Oberursel’s outdoor swimming pool re-opens

Oberursel’s outdoor swimming pool (Freibad) re-opened on Wednesday morning (4th June, 2014) after a break of almost two years.  With the indoor pool still not completed, some compromises have had to be made, such as temporary toilets and food stalls.  But the outdoor changing rooms are a permanent feature and will supplement the indoor ones once they open. [Read more…]

Aach des noch – not that as well!

When local comedian “Schüssel” held the premiere of his now show “Aach des noch!”, which roughly translates as “Not that as well!”, it was his second attempt.

“Aach des noch” was probably what he was thinking when he fell ill on the day he had intended on holding it, but he apparently reckoned without his dog “Flocki” passing on a bout of bronchitis causing him to lose his voice.

By the second attempt on Friday, 11th October, 2013 at the Brauhaus, he was rid of it and had passed it on instead to his long-suffering wife “Frieda”, commenting that he was now enjoying some peace and quiet at home. [Read more…]

From the town council: The Fountain Festival, the Carnival, and the Swimming Pool

When the town council met on Thursday, 12th September, 2013, there were no really “big” topics.  There was almost no mention of the swimming pool and almost no mention of the state of the town’s finances.  In fact, there was quite a bit of agreement about things not to talk about, but to send off to other sub-committees.

Nethertheless, there were still plenty of things to talk about.

One of the more curious set of questions during the evening came from the CDU group, who wanted to know how much the town spend on the annual Brunnenfest (Fountain festival), in particular in 2013.  They also wanted to know why the fireworks did not take place this year.  A rather strange request, considering that one of the people on the committee that organizes the festival is also a CDU councillor. [Read more…]

Richtfest – topping out the new swimming pool

Work stopped on the new swimming pool for a few hours last Wednesday afternoon (21st August, 2013) when the “Richtfest” – the topping-out ceremony – took place in the shell of the building.

Those present included  representatives from the town’s political parties, even those who had opposed the way the building is being financed, as well as the architect Dipl.-Ing. Detlef Sacker, the head of the company that will run the pool, Jürgen Funke, and Dr. Werner Freitag, president of the swimmers’ association in Hessen.  Hans Leimeister represented the local district council.

Mayor Hans-Georg Brum commented that it the building was not only the largest project that the town had ever undertaken, but it was also the one that had been discussed the most. [Read more…]

OBG critical of swimming pool supporters’ charity

Local political group the OBG have released a statement criticising the creation of the creation of the “Förderverein Taunabad” – the charity set up by supporters of the new swimming pool.

Part of their criticism is that the main players in the charity are also key figures in the town’s administration.  They argue that by transferring power from the town hall to the charity those at the top are no longer directly accountable to voters but to the charity’s board instead.

But they also criticise the fact that lower down the chain there are town hall employees who they claim then carry out work for this and other organisations in the town whilst being paid for by the towns budget but without the internal accountability. [Read more…]

Introducing the Taunabad and its supporters

Yesterday (Thursday, 15th August, 2013) the brand name for the new swimming pool in Oberursel was revealed: Taunabad.

How intentional the release was may well be unknown, or perhaps some of those from Oberursel’s town hall attending the press conference were just surprised at the fact that the name had not leaked out.

The real news of the day was the announcement  of the Förderverein Taunabad – a charity that has been founded to support the swimming pool. [Read more…]

Altkönigstraße closed for 3 days

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe Altkönigstraße will be closed once again for building work to take place on the new swimming pool between the 6th and 8th of August, 2013.

Traffic will be diverted along the Rotbornstraße, Brüder-Grimm-Straße and Theodor-Heuss-Straße.

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