Aach des noch – not that as well!

When local comedian “Schüssel” held the premiere of his now show “Aach des noch!”, which roughly translates as “Not that as well!”, it was his second attempt.

“Aach des noch” was probably what he was thinking when he fell ill on the day he had intended on holding it, but he apparently reckoned without his dog “Flocki” passing on a bout of bronchitis causing him to lose his voice.

By the second attempt on Friday, 11th October, 2013 at the Brauhaus, he was rid of it and had passed it on instead to his long-suffering wife “Frieda”, commenting that he was now enjoying some peace and quiet at home. [Read more…]

Schüssel Live – The Schnuudedunker

“What’s a Schnuudedunker” you may ask?

“Schnuudedunker” is the name of the latest act from local comedian “Schüssel”, that premiered at the Brauhaus last Saturday.  The event was sold out, and given that the room only had space for 97 guests everyone was in some way close to the stage.

But Schüssel doesn’t stay on the stage all evening.  He sings.  And some of his songs he writes himself, such as “Ein Euro für die Schüssel, die Schüssel die ist Pleite” (“A Euro for Schüssel, Schüssel is Broke”) and “Jetzt sind wir Pleite in unser’ Städtchen” (“Now we’re broke in out little town”), the first of which he performed cap in hand, leading some members of the audience to really put a Euro in.

The unexpected “collection” came to €27.07, a sachet of ketchup, a sachet of mayonnaise and a sachet of mustard, the financial part of which will be donated to the local charity that he runs. [Read more…]

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