Aach des noch – not that as well!

When local comedian “Schüssel” held the premiere of his now show “Aach des noch!”, which roughly translates as “Not that as well!”, it was his second attempt.

“Aach des noch” was probably what he was thinking when he fell ill on the day he had intended on holding it, but he apparently reckoned without his dog “Flocki” passing on a bout of bronchitis causing him to lose his voice.

By the second attempt on Friday, 11th October, 2013 at the Brauhaus, he was rid of it and had passed it on instead to his long-suffering wife “Frieda”, commenting that he was now enjoying some peace and quiet at home.

Aach des noch - Schüssel Premiere at the Brauhaus

Of course, Frieda played a pivotal role in many of the tales that Schüssel had to tell, but much of the first half was spent commenting on the results of the recent national elections and the state of the economy.

Looking at the state of affairs in the western part of the Germany, he suggested that the Solidaritätszuschlag would now be continued to fund the recovery there.  “Things here look like they did before re-unification… in the East” he joked.

He also discussed how much political correctness now plays a part in the German language, especially the recent discussion about the “Zigeunerschnitzel”.

And visual aids came into play when we showed off his new set of false teeth that he had said he had ordered through the Tchibo chain of coffee shops, and are apparently so good that you can ground coffee beans with them.

He entered the interval, as he did the year before, with his song “Ein Euro für die Schüssel, die Schüssel die ist Pleite” (“A Euro for Schüssel, Schüssel is Broke”), although this year he collected €142.19 – considerably more than last year – for his charity that helps families in the town at Christmas.

The start of the second act was concerned with local politics, especially the new swimming pool.  “Wer soll das bezahlen, wer hat das bestellt?” (“who’s going to pay for it, who ordered it?”) he sang, and commented that the new building only needed some barbed wire and a watchtower to look like a prison.    He was also not impressed by the fact that the old swimming pool building, supposedly in danger of falling down, eventually had to be blown up.

Whether or not he will go swimming there is in doubt, as apparently Frieda has got used to taking her swims in the Maasgrundweiher.

But other building projects came in for some criticism as well, most notably those along the Hohemarkstraße where the Scheele and Jandorf factories once stood.  “Trabantensiedlungen” he called them.

And the logic behind the traffic lights at the Edeka supermarket in Weißkirchen also got a mention, as did Oberursel’s award for “Station of the Year” and the new beehives on the town hall roof, which he claims are to drown out the noise of the snoring from below.

Finally, returning to more national problems, he considered the recent problems at the new and unfinished airport in Berlin, which he nicknamed the World’s only silent airport.  “Poor Germany” he said.

Schüssel’s homepage can be found at www.schuessel-live.de he has a Facebook fan page: facebook.com/schuessellive where you can find more photos of the premiere and details of tickets for future performances.


About Graham Tappenden

Graham Tappenden is a British ex-pat who first came to Oberursel in 1993 and returned with his family to live there in 2003. He has been writing for AllThingsGerman.net since 2006. When not writing blog posts or freelancing for the Oberurseler Woche he works as a self-employed IT consultant solving computer problems and designing websites. In 2016 he gained German citizenship.

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