No public swimmming on Saturday

Oberursel’s swimming club will be hosting a local competition in the new TaunaBad on Saturday, 21st February, 2015.  As a result the indoor swimming pool will not be available for public swimming on that day.

Spectators are welcome to come along and watch, with the doors opening at 8am for a 9.30am start.

Introducing the Taunabad and its supporters

Yesterday (Thursday, 15th August, 2013) the brand name for the new swimming pool in Oberursel was revealed: Taunabad.

How intentional the release was may well be unknown, or perhaps some of those from Oberursel’s town hall attending the press conference were just surprised at the fact that the name had not leaked out.

The real news of the day was the announcement  of the Förderverein Taunabad – a charity that has been founded to support the swimming pool. [Read more…]

Why Oberursel can’t afford to build a new swimming pool

The Stadthalle was packed full on Wednesday evening for the “Bürgerversammlung” to discuss the new swimming pool.

Hans-Georg Brum (Mayor)

Hans-Georg Brum (Mayor)

It all started off quite well, with the mayor Hans-Georg Brum asking the question “if we don’t build it now, when will we?” and pointing out the value of the new indoor swimming pool for the schools in the town and in general for children, youths and older people, stressing the fact that it was not just for the swimming club (SCO) and the lifeguards (DLRG).

With a nod to the financial problems he asked the politicians in the town to stand behind the project, claiming that if everyone wants it to happen, somehow it will be possible.  For this he received a round of applause.

The next presentation was about the building itself, but finally led to the calculation of how the project is going to be financed.  For the first time, the public were shown a list of the pieces of land that are to be sold off to raise the capital.  Or at least, the roads in which these pieces of land are in.

Perhaps most interesting at this point was [Read more…]

Altstadt Duathlon: Patrick Langer and Jenny Schulz defend their titles

Patrick Langer (2nd from left) and Jenny Schulz (right) – the short-distance duathlon German champions – will be defending their titles in Oberursel today.

Patrick Lange and Jenny Schulz with Dr. Sven Matthiesen and Meik Kottwitz (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The event is organised by SCO, the swimming club in Oberursel, represented here by Meik Kottwitz (2nd from right) holding the new ladies’ trophy, and sponsored by the Frankfurter Sparkasse, represented here by Dr. Sven Matthiesen (left).

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