Another film of the swimming pool being demolished

This is the film shot by the demolition company, Roller Sprengtechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Wuppertal, and kindly provided to show the moment when the indoor swimming pool was blown up:

The demolition of Oberursel’s indoor swimming pool (photos)

The demolition of Oberursel’s indoor swimming pool (film)

The last night of the Hallenbad

This is how the Hallenbad (indoor swimming pool) looked on Monday evening.

On Tuesday at 11am it will be reduced to rubble.

Oberursel's Indoor Pool on Monday, 3rd June, 2013

The swimming pool building site – 30th May, 2013

Altkönigstraße to remain closed, Swimming Pool to be blown up

The Altkönigstraße is to remain closed between the Theodor-Heuss-Straße and Rotbornstraße until Friday, 7th June, 2013, while building work on the new swimming pool takes place.  The diversion will also remain in place.

The shell of the old indoor swimming pool building

On Tuesday, 4th June, 2013 at 11am the remaining shell of the old indoor swimming pool building will be demolished using explosives.  During this time the area will be cordoned off with no-one allowed inside a 150m radius of the building except local residents who are required to stay indoors with their shutters closed and on the far side of the house to the explosion.  Cars should be removed from the area.

The 120m ring of concrete that is left standing is under such pressure, that the structural engineer responsible fears that if diggers where to cut into it, it may release that pressure and break apart uncontrollably.  Instead seven holes have been drilled into each of the supporting legs and these are filled with explosives totalling around 50kg.  The ring itself will be cut at four places by plasma beams at the same time as the explosives go off.

The result will be 4 pieces of concrete each 30m long, which should just fall to the ground if everything goes according to plan.  The 150m safety radius is a precaution in case that does not happen, or if parts of the concrete break off and fly away.  Around 1,000 tonnes of concrete is currently left standing in the shell of the building.

No parking no waiting here during the explosion


The swimming pool building site – 28th May, 2013

Demolition work begins at the swimming pool

Demolition work has begun on the old indoor swimming pool building in the Altkönigstraße.  These photos were taken on Tuesday, 30th April, 2013.

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

OBG says sauna would pose a risk for the town’s finances

Local political group the OBG do not belive that adding a sauna to the new indoor swimming pool would make financial sense, as they claim it would cost more to build and run than it would make in revenue.  In fact, the leader of their parliamentary group Georg Braun says that this has been clear to them since the summer of 2011.

According to an expert opinion, the income from a sauna would cover the running costs, but not when the cost of building it is added to the equation.  Georg Braun was quoted as asking “What use would the higher revenue be, if the investment costs are not covered?”

The OBG went into the pedestrian area of the town on Saturday morning, and reported that in many of their conversations with passers-by the people of the town are confused by what they call the “half truths” of the sauna supporters.  They also warn that if the sauna were to make a loss, then the taxpayer would have to pick up the bill. [Read more…]

From the town council… dog tax, library fees, changing rooms and icebergs

This week saw the town council in Oberursel sit for the last time in 2012.

With major topics such as the new swimming pool, the budget, childcare costs, and even the station kiosk dealt with previously, this could have been a sitting to tidy up loose ends, and in many ways it was.  Except that all of those topics managed to come up again, the latter without even being remotely on the agenda.

At the beginning, the question and answer session revealed that although dogs are required to wear a dog tag to show that the tax for them has been paid, this is not checked unless there is a problem with dogs fouling a particular area.

We learnt of the confusion over the annual cycle races on 1st May, one of which the town is listed as a sponsor for, although the money comes from other sponsors that the town finds.  Sub-sponsors if you like.  It does not come out of the town budget. [Read more…]

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