Altkönigsportplatz building site



Photos of the Altkönigsportplatz building site taken on Thursday, 3rd September, 2015

Mountain Lodge conversion underway

Work has begun on converting the Mountain Lodge in Camp King (Building 1027) into a set of flats.

The Mountain Lodge Building Site - Monday, 21st April, 2014

The Mountain Lodge Building Site - Monday, 21st April, 2014

The Mountain Lodge Building Site - Monday, 21st April, 2014(Photos taken on Monday, 21st April, 2014)

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Mountain Lodge open to the public

World War II bombs found on building site

A bulldozer working on a building site in the town centre discovered two 15kg incendiary bombs on Wednesday morning (2nd April, 2014).  One of them so damaged so badly, that a substance leaked out of it, that turned into a light-coloured smoke on contact with the air.

The building site and surrounding area were cordoned off and evacuated.

The bomb disposal service arrived quickly and were decided that as there was no immediate danger, they would remove them to dispose of them elsewhere.

A search was carried out for further items but nothing was found.

The building site on Tuesday evening before the bombs were found

The building site on Tuesday evening before the bombs were found

Building site broken into

The building site at the new Porsche garage was broken into on the weekend of 8th – 10th February, 2014.  Cable and electrical parts work around €2,500 were stolen.

The thieves broke through part of a roll-up door and were then able to activate an emergency exit to gain access to the rooms, where they removed a number of switches, sockets, fuses and 2,000m of cable.

Another theft from the swimming pool building site

Last weekend tools valued at €10,000 Euro were stolen from the swimming pool building site.

The tools, including welding tools, were stored in a container which the thieves entered by cutting open the wall.

Several doors and windows were broken open as well, causing a further €3,500 of damage.

The swimming pool building site – 30th May, 2013

The swimming pool building site – 28th May, 2013

Oberursel Swimming Pool – The Building Site on 15th March 2013

Photos of the building site taken from the Altkönigstraße on 15th March, 2013, with sun in the sky and snow on the ground:

(Click to enlarge)

Thefts at the bulding site and the chemist

Over the weekend of 8th-11th March, 2013, around 600 litres of diesel was stolen from the tanks of two vehicles at a building site in the Karl-Herrmann-Flach-Straße.  Police do not know how the thieves managed to transport this amount of fuel and are asking for anyone who can help with the enquiry to call 06171 62400.

On the same weekend thieves broke into a chemist shop in Camp-King-Allee between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.  They forced the door open and entered both the shop floor area and the store, although it appears they did not take anything.  The damage is estimated at €1,500.

Oberursel Swimming Pool – 11th December 2012

(Click to enlarge)

The photos were taken on 11th December, 2012, when the outlook pool was partially frozen and covered in snow.  The temperature was -2°C.

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