House in Camp King broken into

A terraced house in George-C.-Marshall-Ring was broken into on Tuesday night (2nd January, 2018), when thieves used the opportunity of the occupents being out.
According to police they removed the grill from a light well and broke in through a basement window, thereby gaining access to the house. The damage is estimated at several hundred Euros, but it is not yet clear what was taken.
Detectives in Bad Homburg would like to hear from witnesses or anyone with information on 06172 1200.

School kiosk broken into

A kiosk at the Hochtaunusschule in the Bleibiskopfstraße was broken into sometime between Monday, 3rd July and Saturday, 8th July, 2017.

The thieves forced open the cash box and took out around €200.

Police would like anyone with information to call them on 06171 62400.


Car workshop broken into

A car workshop in the Stierstadter Straße was broken into between 5.30pm on Saturday, 1st July, and 6.30pm on Sunday, 2nd July, 2017.

The thieves managed to open the door to the workshop and broke open the offices, where they stole cash.  The damage is estimated to be around €4,500.

Police would like anyone with information to call them on 06171 62400.

Diving School broken into

The diving school in the Karl-Hermann-Flach-Straße was broken into during last weekend (26th/27th July, 2014).

Equipment worth €21,000 was stolen from the shop, and police are not yet able to say how the burglars were able to enter the property.

Break-in in Bommersheim

At approximately 2.30am on Tuesday morning (15th July, 2014), a burglar climbed through an open bathroom window into the ground floor of a house in Bommersheim.

Whilst the occupant slept upstairs, the downstairs rooms appear to have been searched for valuables.  A loud noise woke the occupant, who went to look and noticed the break-in.  However they did not encounter the burglar, who got away with cash, a laptop and a mobile phone.

20 cars broken into in Oberstedten in one night

On the night of the 6th-7th March, 2014, a number of cars were broken into in Oberstedten and the surrounding streets.

According to police, a total of 20 cars had their windows smashed and items taken from inside them.  These include purses, mobile phones and mobile satellite navigation equipment.  Built-in equipment was left alone.

Police in Oberursel are asking for anyone with information to contact them.

Building site broken into

The building site at the new Porsche garage was broken into on the weekend of 8th – 10th February, 2014.  Cable and electrical parts work around €2,500 were stolen.

The thieves broke through part of a roll-up door and were then able to activate an emergency exit to gain access to the rooms, where they removed a number of switches, sockets, fuses and 2,000m of cable.

Safe stolen in the Zimmersmühlenweg

A safe was removed from a wall in a company office in the Zimmersmühlenweg on the night of 7th/8th January, 2014.

The video surveillance recording shows at least two men involved in the break-in, and it is not known how the managed to enter the premises.

The safe, measuring 35 x 35 x 25cm and weighing 31kg contained cash and a mobile phone.

Multiple break-ins on Friday and Saturday

A number of properties in Oberursel were broken into on Friday, 3rd January and Saturday, 4th January, 2014.

On Friday between 11am and 1.10pm a house in the Dornbachstraße was broken into by smashing the patio door.  Electrical appliances and jewellery were stolen.

The second house to be reported was in the Tilsiter Straße in Weißkirchen, were between 2.30pm and 8pm the patio door was forced out of its frame.  Once again electrical appliances and jewellery were stolen.

On Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 9pm the patio door of a ground floor flat was forced out of its frame in the Hohemarkstraße whilst the occupant was out.  Details of what was stolen are not yet available.

Finally on Saturday afternoon, between 4.30pm and 11pm a house in the Altkönigstraße was broken into by throwing a stone through the glass-patio door to the rear of the property.  Again, the occupants were not at home and are as yet unable to give details of what exactly was stolen.

Police in Oberursel are asking anyone who can help them with their enquiries to call them on 06171 62400.

Satnav Systems stolen

A number of cars where broken into in Oberstedten on the night of 2nd/3rd November, 2013, apparently with the intention of stealing satellite navigation systems.

The cars include: a BMW in the Bussardweg, another in the Goldgrubenstraße, two more in the Edith-Stein-Weg, another one in the Buchenweg, and both a BMW and a Mercedes in the Bergweg.

The thieves opened the cars either by cracking the locks or breaking one of the side windows.  The total damage is estimated at around €30,000.

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