Children try out working with wood in the Rushmoor Park workshop

The children’s workshop that set up camp this week is well known to many children in Oberursel.  Klaus Bethold and Roswitha Weißschnur from Leipzig have been coming to the town since the Hessentag in 2011, where they could be found at the Maasgrund.  They are regular visitors to the Christmas market and the Waldfest, as well as working together with some of the primary schools in the town.

But this year they are taking part in the Orscheler Sommer events for the first time and are on a site behind the Christuskirche for a whole week.  This has its advantages according to Klaus, 75.  Anyone can come and they can spend as long as they like trying out the tools. [Read more…]

Car workshop broken into

A car workshop in the Stierstadter Straße was broken into between 5.30pm on Saturday, 1st July, and 6.30pm on Sunday, 2nd July, 2017.

The thieves managed to open the door to the workshop and broke open the offices, where they stole cash.  The damage is estimated to be around €4,500.

Police would like anyone with information to call them on 06171 62400.

€300,000 damage caused by fire in Bommersheim

A fire in the Lange Straße in Bommersheim resulted in not only the fire brigade, but also the police, the agency for technical relief (THW), and the local council yard being alerted.

The emergency call was received at 7pm on Wednesday, 28th August, 2013, and by the time the first emergency services arrived the object concerned – a bahn – was already in flames.

The barn had been converted to be used as a place of sotrage and as a workshop.  It contained a number of classic cars, motorcycles and tractors, owned by the owner of the building

According to the police investigation, the fire was caused by the owner by accident, when a flame shot out of the motorcycle that he was working on.

Although he attempted to put out the flames himself, he failed to do so and then called the fire brigade.  They were able to make sure that residents in the surrounding buildings were not in danger, but the barn itself was badly damaged.

A number of the vehicles were completely burnt out with estimates of the damage put at €300,000.

In total, 76 members of the fire brigade attended, with police cordoning off the  area and on-call employees from the local council yard providing the necessary signs to block off the streets.

Members of the fire brigade stayed on site for the whole night to make sure that the fire did not re-ignite.

Discuss the future of Oberursel in the town hall

A workshop to discuss the future of Oberursel is taking place in the town hall (Rathaus) on Tuesday, 30th October at 6pm.

The workshop is part of the town’s development process (STEP) and all residents are invited.

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