More cars broken into

Following the reports of taxis that had been broken into, another two cars had their side windows smashed between 2am and 6.30am on Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017.

In a car in the Eisenhammerweg the console in the middle of the vehicle was broken into but nothing was taken.  However the damage is valued at €500.

In the second car in the Dornbachstraße the thieves stole cash and an ec-card from the car, causing €1,000 of damage.

Cars damaged in the Mauerweg

A number of cars in the Mauerweg in Weißkirchen were damaged in the early hours of Saturday morning (9th January, 2016).  Within 200m of each other, seven parked cars had their passenger side wing mirror damaged, police suspect that this was done by kicking them.  Some of the mirrors were torn off completely, others only slightly damaged.

A witness reported that she heard a loud bang at around 4.45am and on opening her window saw a man in dark clothing who was doing something to the passenger side of one of the damaged cars.  When he realised that she was watching him, he ran off towards “An der Bleiche”.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oberursel police on 06171 6240-0.

Cars broken into on two nights

Not just homes were being targeted by thieves this week.  On Monday a BMW 7 series was broken into Sunday (2oth December, 2015) night, the driver’s window being removed in the process.  The car was in a yard in the Oberurseler Straße.  The thieves removed a wallet containing an ID card and a mobile satnav.  The damage is estimated at around €600.

The following night considerably more damaged was caused to a BMW in the Hohemarkstraße.  This time one of the windows was smashed to gain entry and the thieves removed not only the build-in satnav but also the dashboard display and an airbag!  The damage here is estimated to be around €6,000.

20 cars broken into in Oberstedten in one night

On the night of the 6th-7th March, 2014, a number of cars were broken into in Oberstedten and the surrounding streets.

According to police, a total of 20 cars had their windows smashed and items taken from inside them.  These include purses, mobile phones and mobile satellite navigation equipment.  Built-in equipment was left alone.

Police in Oberursel are asking for anyone with information to contact them.

Satnav Systems stolen

A number of cars where broken into in Oberstedten on the night of 2nd/3rd November, 2013, apparently with the intention of stealing satellite navigation systems.

The cars include: a BMW in the Bussardweg, another in the Goldgrubenstraße, two more in the Edith-Stein-Weg, another one in the Buchenweg, and both a BMW and a Mercedes in the Bergweg.

The thieves opened the cars either by cracking the locks or breaking one of the side windows.  The total damage is estimated at around €30,000.

Cars in Oberstedten broken into

On the night between the 8th and 9th of October, 2013, at least 5 cars were broken into in Oberstedten with the intention of stealing the satellite navigation systems.

The cars – BMW and Mercedes – were parked in the Bussardweg, Fichtenstraße and Buchenweg.  Two of the cars had their locks picked, the others had side windows smashed.  The total damage is estimated at €15,000.

€300,000 damage caused by fire in Bommersheim

A fire in the Lange Straße in Bommersheim resulted in not only the fire brigade, but also the police, the agency for technical relief (THW), and the local council yard being alerted.

The emergency call was received at 7pm on Wednesday, 28th August, 2013, and by the time the first emergency services arrived the object concerned – a bahn – was already in flames.

The barn had been converted to be used as a place of sotrage and as a workshop.  It contained a number of classic cars, motorcycles and tractors, owned by the owner of the building

According to the police investigation, the fire was caused by the owner by accident, when a flame shot out of the motorcycle that he was working on.

Although he attempted to put out the flames himself, he failed to do so and then called the fire brigade.  They were able to make sure that residents in the surrounding buildings were not in danger, but the barn itself was badly damaged.

A number of the vehicles were completely burnt out with estimates of the damage put at €300,000.

In total, 76 members of the fire brigade attended, with police cordoning off the  area and on-call employees from the local council yard providing the necessary signs to block off the streets.

Members of the fire brigade stayed on site for the whole night to make sure that the fire did not re-ignite.

Early morning accident in the Altkönigstraße

In the early hours of Sunday morning (17th February, 2013), a 20-year-old man was driving his Renault car along the Altkönigstraße when he came into contact with two cars that had been properly parked and damaged them.

He continued on his journey without dealing with the situation and police believe that he was under the influence of alcohol at this time.  They were able to identify the car shortly afterwards and find out how was driving it.

They then found the driver at home in his flat and took him to the police station for a blood alcohol test.  His driving license was confiscated.  The damage to the cars is estimated at €5,200 but no-one was hurt.

Brunnenfest: Electric Cars prepare to leave for the Hessentag in Wetzlar

Electric vehicles preparing for their journey from Oberursel to the Hessentag in Wetzlar

Electric vehicles preparing for their journey from Oberursel to the Hessentag in Wetzlar

Click here to see how they arrived at the Hessentag last year

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