Car mirrors damaged in the Altkönigstraße

Police report that two cars parked in the Altkönigstraße on Monday, 17th July, 2017, had their mirrors damaged.  One Mercedes and one Audi were affected, leaving €700 of damage.  Witnesses are asked to call 06171 62400.

Cars damaged in the Mauerweg

A number of cars in the Mauerweg in Weißkirchen were damaged in the early hours of Saturday morning (9th January, 2016).  Within 200m of each other, seven parked cars had their passenger side wing mirror damaged, police suspect that this was done by kicking them.  Some of the mirrors were torn off completely, others only slightly damaged.

A witness reported that she heard a loud bang at around 4.45am and on opening her window saw a man in dark clothing who was doing something to the passenger side of one of the damaged cars.  When he realised that she was watching him, he ran off towards “An der Bleiche”.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oberursel police on 06171 6240-0.

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