Yet another bicycle stolen in Oberstedten

Yet another bicycle was stolen in Oberstedten, this time between 8pm on Tuesday, 1st August and 9.10am on Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017.

The “Cube” mountain bike was locked up on private property in the Lärchenweg.

Another bicycle stolen in Oberstedten

A black “Merida” mountain bike was stolen sometime between 9.30am and 4pm from the Häuserstraße in Oberstedten on Monday, 31st July, 2017.

The bicycle, work several hundred Euros, was locked up on private property.

Again, police would like witnesses to call them on 06171 62400.


Bicycles stolen in Oberstedten

A pair of thieves have stolen three mountain bikes from Oberstedten.  The bikes, made by “Cube” and in a blue and white design, were in the “Alter Weg” and the pair were seen entering the grounds of the property between 1.30am and 2am on Saturday, 22nd July, 2017.

One of the thieves had a light top on with a hood and was carrying a should bag.  The other wore a dark jacket with light-coloured trousers.

Police would like other witnesses to call them on 06171 62400.

Traffic island in Oberstedten damaged

An accident occurred at the junction of the Niederstedter Straße and Hans-Mess-Straße in Oberstedten on Saturday, 15th July, 2017 at 7.55pm.

The 58-year-old driver of a Volkswagen Lupo entered the roundabout from the Niederstedter Straße and on leaving it damaged the curb of the traffic island.  The damage to the island and the car is estimated to be about €450.

Local police happened to be near and saw the accident happen.  Whilst taking down the details they suspected the driver of being under the influence of alcohol.  It then turned out that the driver did not have a driving license.

A blood sample was taken and the driver can now expect criminal proceeding against them for driving under the influence and without a license.

Eduard Lauterbach – 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herr Eduard Lauterbach of Oberstedten who is 90 years old today.

Dr. phil. Friedrich Exner – 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herr Dr. phil. Friedrich Exner of Oberstedten who is 90 years old today.

Cornelius Brabetz – 95th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herrn Cornelius Brabetz of Oberstedten who is 95 years old today.

Break-ins in Weißkirchen, Oberstedten and Eichwäldchen

The Christmas holidays had hardly started when three break-ins where reported in Oberursel on Tuesday, 22nd December, 2015.

One house in the Mauerfeldstraße in Weißkirchen was broken into by lifting the shutters on the door to the patio and then forcing the door open.  Jewellery worth €1,400 was stolen.

In the Hauptstraße in Oberstedten burglars tried to gain access to a house by smashing a double-glazed pation door, but failed due to an additional lock installed on its tracks.  Since they could not open that door, they tried to lift a second patio door but did not manage this either.  Eventually they apparently managed to force a gap open using a gardening implement, but as this appears not to have been big enough they fled.  Even though they did not gain access to the property, they caused considerable damage worth around €2,000.

Finally, between 6pm and 9.30pm burglars entered a house in the Feinbergweg.  Here they managed to lift the patio door and and gain access but having search through all the rooms in the property they left empty handed.  The damage here is estimated to be around €300.

Herbert Niederschuh – 95th Birthday

Happy Birthday - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / flamingoladyCongratulations to Herr Herbert Niederschuh of Oberstedten who is 95 years old today.

Dr. Alfred and Ursula Fuss – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Rings - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / montegoCongratulations to Dr. Alfred and Ursula Fuss in Oberstedten who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary today!

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