Accident on wet road

On Tuesday, 25th July, 2017 at 5.10pm a 26-year-old driver was travelling in his BMW 3 series along the Niederstedter Straße towards Bad Homburg, when he came of the road at a curve.  The road was wet and according to police he failed to adjust his speed.

The car hit a tree, leaving the driver injured.  He was taken to hospital in an ambulance.  The car is a write-off, with the damage estimated at €2.500.


Traffic island in Oberstedten damaged

An accident occurred at the junction of the Niederstedter Straße and Hans-Mess-Straße in Oberstedten on Saturday, 15th July, 2017 at 7.55pm.

The 58-year-old driver of a Volkswagen Lupo entered the roundabout from the Niederstedter Straße and on leaving it damaged the curb of the traffic island.  The damage to the island and the car is estimated to be about €450.

Local police happened to be near and saw the accident happen.  Whilst taking down the details they suspected the driver of being under the influence of alcohol.  It then turned out that the driver did not have a driving license.

A blood sample was taken and the driver can now expect criminal proceeding against them for driving under the influence and without a license.

B456 roadworks extended

The work on the B456 bridge across the L3003 (Niederstedter Straße) should have been completed by now, but has been extended until 20th December, 2013.

The contraflow system on the bridge and traffic lights below will remain in place for now.

Winter weather stops Bulgarian trucker

The heavy snow fall on Tuesday (12th March, 2013) caused problems for one Bulgarian lorry drover who came off the road at the junction of the Niederstedter Straße and the B456 and got stuck in a snow drift.

He told police that he was unable to call for a breakdown truck to tow him back out, as he only had 50 Euro in cash with him.

It was one of the town’s employees who was out clearing snow that found a solution for the problem.  He suggested contacting the garden centre Kofler in Oberstedten, which had a tow truck capable of the job.  The owner of the garden centre came straight away and towed the lorry out of the drift, allowing the Bulgarian driver to continue on his way home.

The garden centre owner would not accept any money for his services, and was just happy to have been able to help.

Police traffic checks in the Niederstedter Straße

The police in Oberursel (Ordnungspolizei) carried out traffic checks in the Niederstedter Straße in Oberstedten last Tuesday (18th September, 2012).

Between 10.45am and 12.45pm they came across 3 cases of people not wearing a seat belt (30 Euro fine).  5 drivers only had a photocopy of their driving license with them for which they received a warning.

Polo in Oberstedten

Polo players - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / dteuropeA polo tournament is being held in Oberstedten over the weekend 17th-19th August, 2012.  On Friday the tournament starts at 3pm, at the weekend at 2pm.

Four teams will be playing against each other and the tournament, which is sponsored by the Berenberg Bank, is part of the “German-Polo-Tour”.

Entry for spectators costs €5 for adults, €3 for concessions, and entry is free for children under 12.  A family ticket for two adults and up to four children aged 12 and over costs €10.

There will be car parking available at the polo ground in the Niederstedter Straße, but if the weather turns wet then cars should park at the end of the Oberstedter Straße in Oberursel and take the shuttle bus to the ground.

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