Car hit lorry in the Füllerstraße – witnesses sought

A lorry was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green in order to turn from the Füllerstraße into the Oberhöchstadter Straße on Friday, 20th September, 2013 at around 8am, when a car turned left from the Oberhöchstadter Straße into the Füllerstraße, scraping the side of the lorry.

The car drove off and police are now looking for witnesses who should call them on 06171 62400.  The damage to the lorry is estimated at €200.

Three injured in collision between bus and lorry

Three people were slightly injured and around €40,000 of damage was caused last Thursday morning (20th June, 2013) in an accident that took place in the Zimmersmühlenweg.

A bus was turning right onto a park & ride car park and in doing so had to go further out into the road.  The lorry travelling behind failed to stop in time and collided with the bus.

The lorry driver and his passenger were injured, as was an 83-year-old passenger in the bus.


Lorry and U-Bahn collided at crossing

A lorry and a U-Bahn train have collided at the Zimmersmühlenweg level crossing.

The collision took place on Thursday, 2nd May, 2013 at around 3.35pm, when the driver of a lorry travelling along the Frankfurter Landstraße turned left into the Zimmersmühlenweg and oversaw the U-Bahn coming from Oberursel’s station and travelling towards Bommersheim.

Luckily, no-one was injured and there were only around 20 passengers in the train.  The damage is estimated at €23,000 – €20,000 of which is to the U-Bahn.  Both the train and the lorry were able to continue their journeys unassisted.

Winter weather stops Bulgarian trucker

The heavy snow fall on Tuesday (12th March, 2013) caused problems for one Bulgarian lorry drover who came off the road at the junction of the Niederstedter Straße and the B456 and got stuck in a snow drift.

He told police that he was unable to call for a breakdown truck to tow him back out, as he only had 50 Euro in cash with him.

It was one of the town’s employees who was out clearing snow that found a solution for the problem.  He suggested contacting the garden centre Kofler in Oberstedten, which had a tow truck capable of the job.  The owner of the garden centre came straight away and towed the lorry out of the drift, allowing the Bulgarian driver to continue on his way home.

The garden centre owner would not accept any money for his services, and was just happy to have been able to help.

Accident in Weißkirchen – Lorry Driver sought

On Friday evening last week (25th January, 2013), a 22 year old man from Frankfurt was driving his BMW along the Kurmainzer Strasse travelling from Steinbach when he drove past the turning into the Weißkirchener Strasse which he had intended to take.

He continued a short distance along the road before turning across the road and into an entrance.  As he drove back onto the road he failed to notice a lorry with a trailer that was travelling towards Steinbach.

Although the BMW collided with the trailer, it appears that the lorry driver did not notice and continued on his journey.  All that is known about the lorry is that the trailer was white.

The damage to the BMW is estimated at around 7,000EUR.  No-one was injured.

Bridge hit by lorry despite warning signs

Despite warning signs advising of the 3.9m clearance under the bridge, a lorry from Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia with a higher trailer tried to pass under the bridge at the junction of the Homburger Landstraße and the Frankfurter Landstraße, in the area known as “An den Drei Hasen”, last Tuesday, 11th December, 2012.

The trailer was caught by the bridge, with the damage caused to the trailer itself estimated at €8,300.

It remains to be seen whether the bridge was damaged in any way.


B456 closed after serious accident

The B456 road was closed between the turning to Oberstedten and the crossing in Dornholzhausen last Friday, 14th December, 2012, following a head-on collision between a lorry and a BMW.

According to the police report the articulated lorry, loaded with coal, was travelling towards Oberursel when it crossed over to the other side of the road near the footbridge connecting the Tannenwaldallee for reasons as yet unknown.

There it hit a BMW head-on and broke through the crash barrier before ending up on its roof next to the road.

The 45-year old driver of the BMW was trapped in their car and had to be freed by rescue services before being taken to hospital with injuries described as “life threatening”.

The 41-year old driver of the articulated lorry was slightly injured.

Although the cause of the accident remains to be established, an initial police report suggested that the health of the lorry driver may have played a role.

An estimate of the damage was put at €120,000.

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