Farewell to the U2

The “U2” type of trains have been running on the lines through Frankfurt since the U-Bahn service started on 4th October, 1968, and have been a regular sight in Oberursel since 1978.  Recently they have been replaced by newer models – the “U5” is currently in use on the U3 line – and last weekend the day arrived for the last ones to be taken out of service.

For one day only, six of the remaining U2 trains, including three of the original sets, travelled back and forth between Oberursel-Bahnhof and Römerstadt, a route that was not even possible until 2010.  Along the route, enthusiasts gathered to use the last opportunity to take photos their last journeys.

Those original three train sets, numbered 303, 304, and 305, have been restored and repainted in their original livery.  They will be joining a collection of historic trains in Frankfurt that are maintained for private hire and special events. [Read more…]

Lorry and U-Bahn collided at crossing

A lorry and a U-Bahn train have collided at the Zimmersmühlenweg level crossing.

The collision took place on Thursday, 2nd May, 2013 at around 3.35pm, when the driver of a lorry travelling along the Frankfurter Landstraße turned left into the Zimmersmühlenweg and oversaw the U-Bahn coming from Oberursel’s station and travelling towards Bommersheim.

Luckily, no-one was injured and there were only around 20 passengers in the train.  The damage is estimated at €23,000 – €20,000 of which is to the U-Bahn.  Both the train and the lorry were able to continue their journeys unassisted.

Historic Steam Train pulled by 01 118 in Oberursel

A train of historic coaches pulled by steam train 01 118 stopped at Oberursel’s station this morning (Sunday, 14th April, 2013) to pick up passengers for a trip to Gießen via Friedrichsdorf, Friedberg and Bad Nauheim.

The lokomotive, 01 118, was built in Essen in 1934 and spent much of its life working for the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the GDR.

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Hohemarkstraße closed near Camp King at the weekend

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe level crossing on the Hohemarkstraße between the “Kupferhammerweg” and “Im Rosengärtchen” is being serviced at the weekend.

The road will be closed to traffic at this point from Friday, 9th November, 2012 at 10pm until Monday, 12th November, 2012 at 5am.  A diversion via the A661 and B455 will be signposted.

U3 Trains from Frankfurt will terminate at the station “Kupferhammer”, from where buses will connect with “Rosengärtchen”, “Waldlust” and “Hohemark”.

Local buses will also be affect, with route 42 terminating at “Lorsbachstraße”, from where passengers should switch to the shuttle buses.  There is no replacement service to the stops “Forstamt” or “Hauptfriedhof”.

Changes to public transport in Oberursel on 1st May

U-Bahn trains at the Hohemark terminus in OberurselWith so many roads in Oberursel being closed off for the Altstadt-Duathlon and the cycle race “Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt”, there are also a number of changes to bus and train services through the town.

U-Bahn U3

Between 8.30am and 2pm the U3 trains will be terminating at Oberursel-Bahnhof and returning from there back to Frankfurt.


Bus line 41 will not be running until 17.49 from Oberstedten to Weißkirchen and 17.32 in the opposite direction.

Bus line 42 will not be running until 17.44 from the cemetary to Weißkirchen and 17.29 in the opposite direction.


The Hohemark Terminus during the strike

The Hohemark Terminus during the strike on 20th March 2012

The end of the U3 line at the Hohemark in Oberursel during the public transport strike on 20th March, 2012.

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