A Really Useful Evening of Information about Local Trains

It was an evening that many users of public transport had been waiting for, even since the possibility of it taking place was announced last summer when discussion about the length of the U-Bahn trains during the holidays was in full swing.

The town’s administration had brought together representatives of both the train operating company, VGF, and the local transport association, VHT to explain something of the way the line is run and to answer travellers’ questions.

The town itself will by paying 1.4 million Euro this year towards the running costs, and is proud of the fact that all of the local stations have been modernised to make them wheelchair-accessible, but they also regret the loss of the 7½ minute service that used to run as far as the main station at peak times. [Read more…]

Public transport information evening: U-Bahn “U3”

U-Bahn (U3) single unit train in Oberursel station on 12th August 2012The town of Oberursel and local transport company VGF (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt) who run the U-Bahn line “U3” that passes through the town are holding an information evening in the town hall on Tuesday, 15th January, 2013 at 7.30pm.

During the evening there will be a chance to ask questions and also put forward suggestions and complaints about the service on the line, which is often a topic of discussion in the town’s internet forum.

Anyone interested is invited to attend the evening and it hoped that the numbers will be sufficient to add weight to any points put forward.

Changes to public transport in Oberursel on 1st May

U-Bahn trains at the Hohemark terminus in OberurselWith so many roads in Oberursel being closed off for the Altstadt-Duathlon and the cycle race “Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt”, there are also a number of changes to bus and train services through the town.

U-Bahn U3

Between 8.30am and 2pm the U3 trains will be terminating at Oberursel-Bahnhof and returning from there back to Frankfurt.


Bus line 41 will not be running until 17.49 from Oberstedten to Weißkirchen and 17.32 in the opposite direction.

Bus line 42 will not be running until 17.44 from the cemetary to Weißkirchen and 17.29 in the opposite direction.


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