Couple robbed and attacked at home

A couple have been attacked and robbed at their home in the “An den Drei Hasen” area of Oberursel.

The 67-year-old occupant of the house opened the door at around 8.40am on Monday, 11th June, 2018, to let the cat in.  At this point two masked men forced their way into the house, where they punched the woman and demanded cash.  Shortly after this her 73-year-old husband arrived.  He was also punched and the demand for cash was repeated, along with a demand for jewelry. [Read more…]

New fountain vandalised again

Only last week was the new “Äppelparkbrunnen” in Oberstedten vandalised, with the apple being removed from the top.

At the weekend a new metal apple was added just in time for Oberstedten’s 1200th anniversary celebrations, but by Sunday morning (16th July, 2017) this too had been stolen.  This time the pin with the thread that the apple screws onto has disappeared as well.

The top of the Äppelparkbrunnen on 17th July, 2017


New fountain vandalised

The new “Äppelparkbrunnen” in Oberstedten has been vandalised, just days before that part of the town was set to celebrate it’s 1,200th anniversary.

As the photo shows, someone has removed the apple from the top of the fountain:

Äppelparkbrunnen - photo taken 13th July 2017 - with Apple in inset

Theft from Garden Shed

Thieves used access to a neighbouring property in the road “Freiheit” in order to take articles from a garden shed, sometime between 7.30pm on Friday 18th March and 10.30am on Saturday, 19th March, 2016.

From the unlocked shed they stole a chain saw and a leaf blower.  Witnesses are asked to call the local police station.

Suspected bicycle thief caught

A 23-year-old was arrested in Oberursel on Sunday afternoon (17th August, 2014) on suspicion of stealing a bicycle.

A witness saw how someone cut through the lock on a valuable mountain bike at the station with a pair of wire cutters, but having been spotted they then fled before actually taking the bicycle.

The suspect was spotted by police in the Homburger Landstraße and on searching the rucksack that he was carrying the officers found a large wire cutter, a small pair of pliers and a small amount of Cannabis.

Witness sought after theft at station

Police are looking for a witness to a theft that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning at Oberursel’s main station.

Between 5.20am and 5.45am on 13th July, 2014, a 20-year-old had his wallet stolen out of his pocket after he fell asleep on a bench.  The two men also tried to take his mobile phone as well, but were disturbed when the S-Bahn entered the station and the man woke up.

During the theft the men were observed by a witness, who thought at first that they were friends with the man on the bench, and it was only after they went separate ways that she realised that she was wrong and told the man he had been robbed.

Detectives in Bad Homburg would like to talk to her and ask that she calls 06172 1200 to contact them.

Two bicycles stolen in one weekend

Two locked up bicycles were recently stolen in the space of one weekend in the town centre.

In one case, a bicycle worth €170 was taken from the bicycle stand at the front of the station building between 8am on Friday, 17th January, 2014 and 12pm the following day.  The bicycle had been chained to the stand.

A bicycle worth €390 was stolen between 7am on Friday, 17th January, 2014 and 9am the next morning from the Holzweg.  This time the bicycle was not only attached to the stand, but the stand was in the yard of a house.

Cars in Oberstedten broken into

On the night between the 8th and 9th of October, 2013, at least 5 cars were broken into in Oberstedten with the intention of stealing the satellite navigation systems.

The cars – BMW and Mercedes – were parked in the Bussardweg, Fichtenstraße and Buchenweg.  Two of the cars had their locks picked, the others had side windows smashed.  The total damage is estimated at €15,000.

Taxi thieves caught near allotments

Oberursel’s police were able to able to catch two teenagers from Bad Homburg, who it is believed had stolen money from a taxi driver.

The 19 and 17-year-old apparently climbed into the taxi in Frankfurt and asked to go to Oberursel where they directed the driver to the car park “An den Kieskauten”.  Instead of paying they snatched the driver’s wallet out of his hand and then pressured him to hand over three mobile phones.  They fled on foot towards the Lahnstraße, where police caught them still in possession of the stolen goods.

Another theft from the swimming pool building site

Last weekend tools valued at €10,000 Euro were stolen from the swimming pool building site.

The tools, including welding tools, were stored in a container which the thieves entered by cutting open the wall.

Several doors and windows were broken open as well, causing a further €3,500 of damage.

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