Accident on the Lahnstraße

An accident on the Lahnstraße (B456) on Friday afternoon (7th July, 2017) caused an estimated €28,000 of damage.

A 33-year-old driver in a Ford car approached the crossing with the Dornbachstraße coming from Bad Homburg and wanted to turn left into the Alte-Leipziger-Platz.  They oversaw an Audi coming out of Oberursel and travelling towards Bad Homburg.  The cars hit each other and the Ford ended up on its roof, leaving the driver with slightly injured.

Accident on the Lahnstrasse

An accident on the Lahnstraße on Tuesday, 25th April, 2017 at 6.45 in the evening caused €13,500 worth of damage according to local police.
A Ford Focus with a 40-year-old driver from the Wetteraukreis was driving along the Dornbachstraße towards the “Alte Leipziger-Platz”, and wanted to turn left at the crossing with the Lahnstraße.
An Opel Corsa, driven by a 66-year-old man from Oberursel hat right of way, causing the driver of the Ford Focus to brake.
The 20-year-old-driver of a VW Golf from Friedriedrichsdorf noticed this too late and hit the Focus from behind, pushing it into the path of the Corsa.
Luckily, no-one was hurt.

Yet more rubbish bins set alight

Last Thursday night (15th August, 2013) yet more rubbish bins containing waste paper were set alight throughout Oberursel, some of which caused damage to neighbouring buildings which is estimated to worth around €30,000 in total.

Police are treating the fires are arson and are asking for witnesses to call them in Bad Homburg on 06172 1200.

The rubbish bins were in the Berliner Straße, Erich-Ollenhauer-Straße, Lahnstraße, Vorstadt, and Eschbachweg, the latter of which caused damage to the entrance to a Kindergarten.


Taxi thieves caught near allotments

Oberursel’s police were able to able to catch two teenagers from Bad Homburg, who it is believed had stolen money from a taxi driver.

The 19 and 17-year-old apparently climbed into the taxi in Frankfurt and asked to go to Oberursel where they directed the driver to the car park “An den Kieskauten”.  Instead of paying they snatched the driver’s wallet out of his hand and then pressured him to hand over three mobile phones.  They fled on foot towards the Lahnstraße, where police caught them still in possession of the stolen goods.

Beware of the “slip of paper” trick

Police in Oberursel are warning people to be aware of the so-called “slip of paper” trick (“Zetteltrick”).

In a recent incident, two women of south-east European appearance, one slim and between 20 and 25 years old, the other over 60 and well built, rang the door bell of a 75-year-old in the Lahnstraße and asked for a piece of paper to write a note on (presumably to leave a message for someone else in the block).

The 75-year-old let them into her flat and while one of the women distracted her, the other searched the flat for valuables.  A watch was stolen.

What happened at the Lahnstraße station?

Police are investigating an incident that took place last Wednesday (7th November, 2012) at the U-Bahn Station “Lahnstraße”.

A 58 year old man heard what is being described as an “explosive-type noise” coming from one of the nearby houses and felt something hurt his thigh.  He had a 4mm graze and may therefore have been hit by some form of projectile.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oberursel police on 06171 62400.

Hit and run on the Hohemarkstraße

On Saturday, 13th October, 2012 at around 10.25am an 83 year old lady from Oberursel was crossing the Hohemarkstraße using the pedestrian crossing near the U-Bahn stop “Lahnstraße”.

Whilst doing so she was caught by a passing car and fell.  She was slightly hurt.  The car did not stop, but witnesses were able to give enough information to the police in order to trace it.  It turned out that the driver at the time of the accident was also an 83 year old lady from Oberursel.

Police believe that the car went through a red light and failed to see the person on the crossing, who had green.

Children make their wishes known at the Dornbachwiesen

Children handing over their wishes at the Dornbachwiesen (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

A new playground is planned on the Dornbachwiesen to replace the one that was lost when the Kita Regenbogenland was extended.

Local children gathered to present Alderman Christof Fink and the planning office their wishes and ideas for the new playground, which will be built along the Eschbachweg between the Heidegraben and Lahnstraße.

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