Attempt to steal mountain bikes from car roof

Thieve attempted to steal two valuable mountain bikes that were attached to the roof of a car in the Berliner Straße on Sunday, 2nd July, 2017 sometime between midnight an 10am.
The roof-rack carrying the bikes had a locking mechanism which the thieves were unable to open, but they caused about 500 Euros of damage to the car by scratching it in the attempt.
Police in Oberursel ask anyone who saw anything to call them on 06171 62400.

Speed trap at the Grammar School

Police set up a speedtrap in the 30km/h zone outside the Grammar School in the Berliner Straße on Thursday, 3rd April, 2014.

In total, they measured the speed of 570 vehicles, 90 of which were going too fast.  80 of the drivers will receive warnings, whilst 10 can expect more severe measures.

Collision between car and U-Bahn

Last Wednesday (21st August, 2013) there was a collision between a car and a U-Bahn at the level crossing on the corner of the Nassauer Straße and Berliner Straße.

According to police the 81-year-old driver of a Mercedes ignored a red traffic light and drove onto the crossing.  The driver of the U-Bahn made an emergency stop, but the train still hit the car on the crossing although no-one was injured.

The fire brigade were called to clear the debris from the crossing, but trains were running again a short time later.

The damage is estimated at around €50,000.

Yet more rubbish bins set alight

Last Thursday night (15th August, 2013) yet more rubbish bins containing waste paper were set alight throughout Oberursel, some of which caused damage to neighbouring buildings which is estimated to worth around €30,000 in total.

Police are treating the fires are arson and are asking for witnesses to call them in Bad Homburg on 06172 1200.

The rubbish bins were in the Berliner Straße, Erich-Ollenhauer-Straße, Lahnstraße, Vorstadt, and Eschbachweg, the latter of which caused damage to the entrance to a Kindergarten.


Learner driver went the wrong way

An 18-year-old learner driver was travelling the Berliner Straße on Monday, 6th May, 2013, in an Opel Corsa, heading towards the Nassauer Straße, when he oversaw the one-way-sign at the Freiligrathstraße.

He realised his mistake when he saw cars coming towards him and steered the car to the right.

Unfortunately in doing so he hit the railings between the road and the U-Bahn tracks, causing €750 of damage.  The car had to be towed away.

85-year-old robbed with “slip of paper” trick

An 85-year-old woman was robbed at home in the Berliner Straße on Wednesday this week (3rd April, 2013).  At 2.50pm she let a pair of young people into her flat who said that they wanted to leave a note for someone else in the house, but asked her to write it for them – something police call the “slip of paper” trick.  After they had left she noticed that her handbag was missing which contained her purse with cash and a copy of her ID card in it, as well as a keyring.

Gymnasium Oberursel – A Grammar School with a Future

For the past few years there has been a building site in the Berliner Straße while work was carried out on the Grammar School (Gymnasium).  At times the road was closed to traffic or narrowed.  The pupils were split across three locations.  And I learnt a new word – the green strips on the dark grey façade are called “Einsprengsel”.

But now the work is over and the school proudly opened up their new buildings to the public last Saturday, during which the key was ceremoniously handed over by the architects.

The morning began with the headmaster, Volker Räuber, welcoming the guests and highlighting the positive aspects of the new buildings: more space, modern IT connections to allow children to carry on working on projects at home, a large hall with professional sound and lighting, a media library, and three underground sports courts.  “Oberursel Grammar School is a school of the future”, he said, continuing “some other schools in the area can only dream of buildings like these”.  He also thanked the neighbours for their patience during the building phase. [Read more…]

Three injured in U-Bahn collision

Three people were injured on Tuesday evening when a van collided with a U-Bahn train at the level crossing in the Kumeliusstraße.

The van, a Citroen Jumper, had turned into the street from the Berliner Straße when it collided with a passing U3 train.  The driver of the van and two passengers in the train were slightly hurt.

The damage is estimated at €30,000.

Berliner Straße closed for two weeks

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe Berliner Straße will be closed from Monday 30th July until Friday 10th August, 2012 between the Nassauer Straße and the Liebfrauenstraße.

Travel will be diverted via the Feldbergstraße and Liebfrauenstraße.


Nassauer Straße closed until Saturday

Roadworks sign - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / RedKoalaThe Nassauer Straße was closed on one side yesterday afternoon between the Berliner Straße and the Feldbergstraße  to allow work on the pavement at the Grammar School (Gymnasium) to take place.  It will remain partially closed until Saturday, 28th July, 2012.

Traffic is being diverted via the Berliner Straße and the Liebfrauenstraße.

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