Photos of the 6th Oberurseler Feyerey

The 6th Oberurseler Feyerey (middle ages market and festival) took place at the weekend. Here are a collection of photos taken Saturday afternoon:

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Gymnasium Oberursel – A Grammar School with a Future

For the past few years there has been a building site in the Berliner Straße while work was carried out on the Grammar School (Gymnasium).  At times the road was closed to traffic or narrowed.  The pupils were split across three locations.  And I learnt a new word – the green strips on the dark grey façade are called “Einsprengsel”.

But now the work is over and the school proudly opened up their new buildings to the public last Saturday, during which the key was ceremoniously handed over by the architects.

The morning began with the headmaster, Volker Räuber, welcoming the guests and highlighting the positive aspects of the new buildings: more space, modern IT connections to allow children to carry on working on projects at home, a large hall with professional sound and lighting, a media library, and three underground sports courts.  “Oberursel Grammar School is a school of the future”, he said, continuing “some other schools in the area can only dream of buildings like these”.  He also thanked the neighbours for their patience during the building phase. [Read more…]

25 Years of making Local History accessible

“History is not as boring as some people think… or as some teachers make it” – this is how the chairman of Oberursel’s town parliament Dr. Christoph Müllerleile commented on the 25th anniversary of the Vortaunusmuseum on Saturday afternoon.

The museum, which was first opened in June 1987, had invited local dignitaries and friends of the museum to celebrate the anniversary in the Seifenkisten (soap box) area, with several making congratulatory speeches.

Renate Messer, who runs the museum, opened the proceedings before handing over to Landrat (District Administrator) Ulrich Krebs.  He highlighted the unique local history that the area offers, such as the Oppidum Heidetränk celtic settlement and the Bommersheimer Burg – a castle that sadly no longer exists.

Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum highlighted the interest in such local museums, and in the feeling of “Heimat” in particular, in a World where everything seems to be closer together and long-established cultures and traditions begin to merge with each other. [Read more…]

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