Three Trees for German Unity

To celebrate 25 years of German Re-unification in 1990 a project has started to plant three trees in as many town as possible.

In Oberursel the trees were planted at the end of October 2014 in the Rushmoor Park.  Placed in an equilateral triangle 10 metres apart from each other, there is a beech tree at the western point of the triangle to symbolise the “old” Federal Republic, a pine tree at the eastern point symbolising the GDR, and an oak tree at the northern tip to symbolise the unified country.

If viewed from the air, the tops of the trees form a roof that is a symbol of protection for the country’s citizens. [Read more…]

When independents join forces…

The members of the district parliaments in Hochtaunuskreis, Main-Kinzig-Kreis and Main-Taunus-Kreis who represent the „Freie Wähler“ (Independent voters) in those districts have agreed to work closer together.

They met in Oberursel on 27th February, 2013, to discuss which topics affect all of them in similar ways. These included their district budgets, health care and broadband.

The contributions to culture funds in Hochtaunuskreis were discussed, as was the problem of the communities near to Frankfurt who have to shoulder the burden of local infrastructure for commuters without receiving any of the corporate tax that the companies pay to the city.

On the subject of broadband coverage, they want the local districts to be more pro-active so that companies and freelancers do not leave remote areas because of their poor internet connection.

The group plans to meet regularly in future.

Freie Wähler Rhein-Main

Members of the local district councils: Jürgen Heim (Langenselbold), Renzo Sechi (Friedrichsdorf), Ivaloo Schölzel (Kelkheim), Hellwig Herber (Grävenwiesbach), Karl-Heinz Spengler (Hattersheim), Bernd Fuchs (Eppstein), Heinz Breitenbach (Linsengericht), Marcus Kinkel (Schmitten), Dr. Christoph Müllerleile (Oberursel), Hartmut Haibach (Weilrod) and Herbert Bien (Jossgrund). Photo supplied by Freie Wähler Hochtaunuskreis

Carnival Procession 2013: Magistrat der Stadt Oberursel

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€2,500 for the Ehrenmal restoration project

More than 2,500 Euro were raised on “Volkstrauertag” – the German equivalent of Remembrance Sunday – by a concert held in the Christuskirche Church to support the restoration of the “Ehrenmal” – the war memorial dedicated to those from Oberursel who lost their lives in the First World War.

Before the concert got underway, the manager of the Ursella-Foundation, Dr. Justus Förschner, explained the current state of the monument, which has been stabilised by filling the hollow base and column with cement.  He also went into detail of why it will take some time for the pieces of the mosaic to be re-applied, work that is to be undertaken by a special company from Eppstein (Matthias Steyer).  He believes that the work will be finished by the spring of next year. [Read more…]

50 Years of Local History

50 years ago – on 28th November 1962 to be precise, a group of friends met in the hall of the primary school “Nord” and formed the “Verein für Geschichte und Heimatkunde Oberursel e.V.”, or in English: the local history society. And last Saturday many of those friends and other members of the society came together again to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Only this time they were not in the hall of the primary school, but instead in the council chamber at the town hall, where they were welcomed by the current chairperson of the society, Marion Unger.

The first speech was held by Dr. Christoph Müllerleile, himself a member since 1965. He confirmed that the society has the support of the town’s administration, but also the support of its members, making it exemplary in the area. With a hint to the current budget talks he added “of all the voluntary services that may be cut, the society would be one of the last”. [Read more…]

Oberursel’s new network of volunteers

One of the problems that many clubs and charities face is finding new members and volunteers to keep them running.  This is often put down to the fact that there are so many of them that those that want to do something are spread more thinly among them, but there are other factors as well, such as a change of lifestyle and flexible working times, meaning that many who would like to volunteer their services want to do so without making long-term commitments.

This was something that become obvious in Oberursel last year during the Hessentag when a large number of residents volunteered to help for certain times during the 10 days that the event ran for.

Recognising this, the town set up the “Netzwerk Bürgerengagement” – a network to bring people who would like to volunteer to do something short-term with organisations looking for volunteers.  And on Saturday morning the network’s new office in the Georg-Hieronymi-Saal (Oberhöchstädter Str. 7) was officially opened. [Read more…]

25 Years of making Local History accessible

“History is not as boring as some people think… or as some teachers make it” – this is how the chairman of Oberursel’s town parliament Dr. Christoph Müllerleile commented on the 25th anniversary of the Vortaunusmuseum on Saturday afternoon.

The museum, which was first opened in June 1987, had invited local dignitaries and friends of the museum to celebrate the anniversary in the Seifenkisten (soap box) area, with several making congratulatory speeches.

Renate Messer, who runs the museum, opened the proceedings before handing over to Landrat (District Administrator) Ulrich Krebs.  He highlighted the unique local history that the area offers, such as the Oppidum Heidetränk celtic settlement and the Bommersheimer Burg – a castle that sadly no longer exists.

Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum highlighted the interest in such local museums, and in the feeling of “Heimat” in particular, in a World where everything seems to be closer together and long-established cultures and traditions begin to merge with each other. [Read more…]

Sports club awarded €50,000 grant

Boris Rhein presenting the TSGO with confirmation of their €50,000 grant. (Photo: Stadt Oberursel)

The Turn- und Sportgemeinde 1861 e.V. Oberursel (TSGO) have been awarded a €50,000 grant by the Hessen Government to renovate their sanitary area and modernise their fitness room.

Confirmation of the grant to the 4,000 member strong was made by Hessen’s interior minister, 3rd from left in the photo.

To his left are honorary TSGO chairman Willi Zulauf and Alderman Wolfgang Pristaff.  To his right are TSGO president Rolf Vaupel, chairman of Sportkreis Hochtaunus e.V. Norbert Möller and town council chairman Dr. Christoph Müllerleile.

Brunnenfest: Visitors from Épinay-sur-Seine

Visitors from the Twin Town of Épinay-sur-Seine at the Marienbrunnen

Visitors from the Twin Town of Épinay-sur-Seine at the Marienbrunnen with the Brunnenkönigin (Fountain Queen) Vanessa I., her Brunnenmeister (assistant) Harry Hecker, Mayor of Oberursel Hans-Georg Brum and chairman of the town council Dr. Christoph Müllerleile.


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