Three Trees for German Unity

To celebrate 25 years of German Re-unification in 1990 a project has started to plant three trees in as many town as possible.

In Oberursel the trees were planted at the end of October 2014 in the Rushmoor Park.  Placed in an equilateral triangle 10 metres apart from each other, there is a beech tree at the western point of the triangle to symbolise the “old” Federal Republic, a pine tree at the eastern point symbolising the GDR, and an oak tree at the northern tip to symbolise the unified country.

If viewed from the air, the tops of the trees form a roof that is a symbol of protection for the country’s citizens. [Read more…]

L3003 between Oberstedten and Bad Homburg partially closed

The L3003 (“Südring”) between Oberstedten and Bad Homburg will be partially closed at places between Monday 25th February and Thursday 28th February, 2013, to allow work to be carried out on the trees.

The closures will be 9.30am until 5.30pm on Monday and 8.30am until 5pm on the other days.

During this time only one side of the road will be available to motorists.

Swimming Pool Car Park – 6th November 2012

The following photos were taken during the tree felling work along the south western side of the swimming pool car park from the Steinmühlenweg.

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

What will happen to these trees at the swimming pool car park?

Oberursel needs a new swimming pool – I think most people in the town would agree on that.

And although they may not have agreed on how to finance it in the past, the current plan is to sell off the current car park as building land.

Again, most people would probably agree with that.  If only it wasn’t for these trees:

Swimming pool car park - panorama photo

 (Click to enlarge)

The trees form a border between the current houses along the Altkönigstraße and the car park, and in the Bebauungsplan (Nr. 218) only the part of the row to the right of the photo is set to remain. [Read more…]

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